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Top Tips for a Smooth RV Campground Setup

Whether it is your first time setting up your campground or your 100th, there is always more to learn! As you start to create your checklist, it will make the entire process easier. Although different campsites may create diverse scenarios, there are certain things that you can do to make each setup easier! Before you even leave the house, make sure to call the campsite and ensure that you have your reservation set before you hit the road. As you arrive, take some of these steps to make your setup as smooth as possible!

Find your campsite within the campground.

If you need help, grab a map or ask someone at the main office. As you approach your site, make sure you assess the space before parking. Check out where the connections are for all your RV hookups. Figure out if you can drive into the space or if you need to back up. Also keep in mind your outside set up. Do you have an awning, outdoor furniture etc. If you need help, there are always people around that can help you with angling the RV or helping with directions to your specific spot.

Level and Stabilize.

Before you start to unload whatever is in your vehicle or RV, you want to make sure that you are on level ground. You can check out the campsite and see what the best option would be; for you to pull through or back up. Stabilizing jacks also come into play with this part. The jacks can help to stabilize your RV while you are parked so you know you will stay put while you are in or out of it. Without a level ground, you will not be able to use your awnings and you could always experience shifting inside the RV which can be dangerous as well as annoying when you are relaxing or trying to sleep. This is a crucial part that you should practice prior to setting off on your trip.

Hook up your power source.

What is a camping trip without power? Well, for a lot of us, that is the only way we camp! But not everyone enjoys the tent life and the primitive ways of camping that you may have grown up to know. Now, with RV’s you can enjoy camping in a whole new way. Power sources allow you to have electricity, cook, and use other devices as well. Solar paneling is also another option that can help you with power throughout your trip… but having a generator is a safe bet when you are traveling with your family. As soon as you hook up your power source you know you can relax in your cool RV, plan your first meal, and start unpacking a bit.

Figure out your water and waste.

This part is not the most fun you will have today but it is entirely necessary. Having a water source and waste plan will allow you all to be on the same page and you can create your list of dos and don’ts for the family. Throw on some gloves and get started. Hook up the water regulator to your water supply and then you can use your water filtration system at the end of your tank. If you own a sewer support system you can hook it up with a slope going from the RV to the sewer connection spot. You then can turn on the tank (making sure it has water in it.) Make sure the connection is SEALED. Believe me, you will thank us later on this one… and so will your neighbors.

Set up all the extras!

Now we get to the finishing touches of your perfect camp site! As you are inside unloading the dishes and getting things ready for the week, you can also start setting up the outside area. Whether that means the awnings, lawn chairs, your fire pit, volleyball net etc. There are so many things you can add to your surroundings to make the week even better! One thing to remember… make sure to always have an eye on the radar. With strong winds or heavy rain, your things outside can easily blow away; so, make sure to have a plan for that and keep an eye on the weather around you!

Top Tips for a Smooth RV Campground Setup

You don’t have to wait until you get to the campground to go through all of these steps. Make sure to practice at home so you get everything down and you have the confidence to do so out at the campground. This will also cut down significant time while you are setting up. Start creating your to-do list for before the trip, setting up the campground, and tear down at the end of your trip. Go over specific tasks with your family and friends so each person knows the plan and knows what they are responsible for! We hope these tips help you with your next trip! Happy camping!

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