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RV Winterization Basics for Newbies

Are you planning to take your RV to a maintenance shop for the winterizing process? RV Winterization is a way to protect the plumbing system from the freezing temperatures that are quickly approaching. This is your chance to get ahead of the curb and make sure that your RV is ready to go for spring and not have to worry about the aftermath of not protecting it properly. Some RV’s come with specific winterizing instructions to make sure you know if there are any built-in controls.

RV Winterization Basics

You should winterize the RV by planning to protect the plumbing, the interior, exterior, and several other components. Plumbing seems to be the most common problematic issue that RVers face after the winter. It needs to be protected prior to freezing temperatures or you will be dealing with very expensive fixes.  As you begin to winterize, make a checklist of everything you need to purchase and everything you need to do to make sure that your RV is in prime condition when you are done.

Some things you need to purchase are:
  • Nontoxic RV antifreeze
  • Water Heater bypass kit
  • Something to clean the tank with

RV Winterization

You need to drain all of the water and dry the water lines. Open up the petcock and drain all of the water from the fresh-water tank. There are two lines, hot and cold. Recap everything and turn off faucets. At this point, you can bypass the water heater.  From this point, you install a water pump converter so you can add the antifreeze. Then you can drain and flush the other holding tanks.

Next, you need to open all of the faucets located inside the RV. Remember to get rid of any bit of water; this includes flushing toilets a few times to make sure all that water has left the bowl. You will start to see the antifreeze appear.  If you don’t already have one, you will have to get a blowout plug so you can blow air through all the water lines. Your air compressor will definitely come in handy for this. Now you can close everything up and you should be good to go! Replace any caps finish up!

You are officially winterized! Your RV is ready and set for the next season of all your camping adventures. We know this may seem like a lot, but as long as you have what you need, the whole process is not too difficult. Take these steps seriously and follow them carefully to avoid any costly mistakes!

If you are wanting to forgo the stress of winterizing your RV yourself, give the professionals a call. One of our highly trained technicians can walk you through the RV Winterization process and get you set up with an appointment today.

RV Winterization Basics for Newbies

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