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All About NuCamp Trailers

At Juniata Valley RV, we have multiple brands of RVs on our lot at any moment. Why? Because our customers come first, and nothing is more important than the satisfaction of everyone that walks through our doors. We like to know all about the camper brands and styles we sell. This includes knowing everything there is to know about NuCamp.

One thing we make sure of before we put a brand of RVs on our lot is the quality and commitment of that brand – and we trust NuCamp RVs to follow through. Below, we’ll tell you why the manufacturer has our trust and a few things you should know about them.

One of the reasons we love having NuCamp RVs on our lot is their dedicated craftspeople. NuCamp has a high standard when it comes to the quality of their RVs, and the people they choose to craft these RVs abide by and deeply honor these standards. They treat their customers like family, and we do too. When we have similar standards to an RV manufacturer, we know it’s a relationship for life.

All About NuCamp’s Names

about nucamp - nucamp trailer photo in the woods from below

Though the name might be new to you, the company itself has been around for many years. Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers adopted the name in 2016, and in early 2017, they rolled out the TAB 400, a step above the original TAB 320.

They Build Some of the Best

NuCamp uses only the highest-grade materials – from the aluminum framing to their birch interiors, they take pride in their hard work and strive for perfection. However, perfection can’t always be achieved, and they make it right anytime a customer isn’t satisfied.

When they craft their trailers and RVs, they keep everyone in mind. From the weekend warriors to full-time RVers, they want everyone to be happy with a NuCamp in every way: functionally, practically and aesthetically.

If this has piqued your interest, here are a few other products they have: TAG Teardrop Trailers, TAB Teardrop Campers, TAB Clamshell Campers, TAB 400 Teardrop Campers, Circus Truck Campers, AVIA Luxury Trailer and the Barefoot Caravan.

about NuCamp - NuCamp truck camper

We know a NuCamp RV won’t suit everyone, and that’s why we sell many other RV brands, types, and models at our dealership. Here are just a few:

We keep a full line of travel trailers, fifth wheels, and campers in stock for you, and if your RV needs repairs, we have a full-service RV repair facility and our own RV parts store to have you and your family back on the road in no time!

NuCamp RVs sell lightning fast at Juniata Valley RV, and we can barely keep them on our lot!

But we love our NuCamp teardrop trailers, and we hope you come by to check them out. Or, stop by our website or give us a call!

Best Places for Free Overnight RV Parking

Every veteran RVer has woken up to beautiful, picturesque views and the sweet sounds of nature. Nothing beats opening your eyes to shining asphalt and the passionate cursing of a convenience store couple in the morning. Sure, it’s not mountain views and birds chirping, but nothing beats free overnight RV parking. Right?

If you’ve got a long road trip planned, you might need to spend the night off-grid in a different sense of the word: in an empty parking lot. To help you get started on routing your trip around the states, we compiled this list of the best places for free overnight RV parking.


This one is obvious! Walmart is probably one of the most well-known places for free overnight parking – RV and otherwise. Walmart camping is a rite of passage for American nomads. Although, not all Walmarts will be welcoming. Check the AllStays app for reviews of different Walmart parking lots, and if they allow free RV parking.

Free overnight RV parking - Night scene caravan parked at parking lot, san Juan province, Argentina

BassPro Shops

BassPro and other chain outdoor-focused stores like Cabela’s Sporting Goods will often let you park overnight. This isn’t a complete guarantee, so we recommend asking staff before you stay overnight. Luckily, many cities have at least one camping store that will welcome overnight guests in need of free RV parking.

Cracker Barrel

After a long day of driving, what’s better than being a short walk from a delicious, hot Cracker Barrel meal? You can stay the night in the parking lot and wake to another scrumptious breakfast in the morning! All Cracker Barrels have maps of all their locations inside, so you can plan which highway-side location you’ll stay at next. This makes Cracker Barrel a great place for free RV parking during your travels.

Movie Theaters

Movies play late and often run into the early morning hours. After closing, staff members will stick around a while longer to clean and lock up. As a result of these all-hours businesses, movie theaters are usually a great place to park overnight. Although you should ask if you’re unsure, most movie theaters welcome free overnight RV parking.

Free overnight RV parking - "Trailer in campground on top of mountain overlooking valley, with tow vehicle and copy space"


It might be a tight fit on a Saturday or Sunday night, but most churches will accept overnight RV parking. On weekdays, the parking lots are mostly empty and, by nature, a church or other place of worship is likely to be a little more welcoming to those in need of a place to stay. Again, places of worship are an ask before you level the RV and lower the jack situation.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is another guaranteed spot for free overnight RV parking. This is an especially great place to stay for members, you can get in a workout and a shower before getting back on the road! We’ve even seen a few of our favorite camping bloggers purchase memberships simply for a place to stay and shower when traveling.

Boondocking Dry Camping in the Forest. Small Travel Trailer with Solar Panels on Roof.

What about public land?

There are acres upon acres of public land and national forests owned by the United States government. These places were set up to protect and preserve the natural beauty of our nation. The best part about public land? Everything there is completely free! You can hike, bike, kayak, explore and even camp on public land for exactly zero dollars.

Sure, national parks sometimes offer actual campgrounds with showers, electricity, water hookups and more. But we’re talking strictly free overnight RV parking here. The US Forest Service refers to this old-fashioned just-you-and-the-woods camping as “dispersed camping.” If you’re able to take your truck, trailer or camper van off-road then camping on public land might be the solution for you. It may not be a tent, but it’s a perfectly legal form of dispersed camping. Most National Forests will have a parking lot as well that you can get away with parking in overnight.

You should note that some National Forests will have exceptions, like ones that are only open from dawn to dusk. Additionally, some parks will have “no overnight camping” signs. These, of course, mean you can’t park there for the night.

Essentially, unless otherwise stated, it’s legal to sleep in your RV on any federally designated public lands.

Boondocking overnighter camper.Terminology of boondocking is common in RV nomenclature. It means camping on public land or in parking areas of some of the major retailers here in the U.S.

What about rest stops?

Most rest areas allow parking at all hours, but prohibit camping. This results in a pretty big gray area for RVers. Usually, this means you aren’t allowed to set up a tent and a campfire but are allowed to rest in your car.

In Pennsylvania, where Juniata Valley RV is located, you’re limited to two hour stays at rest stops in a 24-hour period. On the other hand, there are no overnight rules at Pennsylvania service plazas, simply stating that you can’t stay longer than 24 hours.

Although the rules aren’t extremely clear, most states prohibit people from spending the night in public rest stops and service plazas. You’ll often be allowed to sleep in your car, or RV, for two to three hours before being required to move on. Vehicles parked at rest stops for more than a few hours may be considered abandoned and towed.

Overall, rest stops are best for a quick nap rather than overnight RV parking.

The BoonDocker’s Bible has a lot of great resources on overnight parking.

If you’re in need of a new travel trailer or motorhome to take you on your boondocking journey, Juniata Valley RV is here to help. We carry new and used RVs and RV parts. We also have an expert service department ready to repair or upgrade your RV. Call us at 1 (877) 714-0415 or contact us here when you’re ready to get started.

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