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Through the nation, the tiny movement is on the rise. From the tiny home takeover to Marie Kondo teaching us the magical ways of minimal lifestyle, small and simple has taken the world by storm. Keeping with the trend, the RV industry has expanded its A-frame and teardrop builds. Despite their trendy arrival, compact campers are likely here to stay. As they’ve grown in popularity, people have begun to see the benefits of buying small. In this post, we’ll go through some of the reasons you should buy compact.

Compact campers for compact cars

For those who long to camp but are held back by highway hatchbacks, a smaller RV is the perfect solution. A-frame and teardrop campers are lighter and can be towed by much smaller cars. Along with their lightweight benefits, these smaller options are much easier to tow and park. Towing a 40 foot, 12 thousand pound fifth-wheel down the highway can be difficult, making for long, stressful hours on the road. Compact campers can be as low as 1,200 pounds, light enough for almost any car to handle.

Compact saves cash

Buying an A-frame or teardrop comes a couple thousand dollars cheaper than travel trailers or truck campers, but the unit price is just the beginning of your savings. Lighter campers mean towing with smaller, less expensive cars and spending much less on gas during your road trip. Even if you aren’t ready to make a big purchase there are plenty of financing opportunities available.

More campsite choices

When planning trips, many campsites will have size and weight limits on RVs. Even if there are lots big enough for a 40-footer, there usually are not many options available. With a small RV, size limit issues will likely be nonexistent. When the size of the lot doesn’t matter as much it gives you more options on where you’d like to stay. Near the bathrooms or on the water? The choice is yours when your camper fits into almost any lot available.

Spend more time outside

With motorhomes and fifth-wheels, the space and amenities provide a lot of comfortable entertainment. More along the lines of glamping, these RVs are equipped with cushioned armchairs and flat-screen TVs that might draw your attention away from the great outdoors. When you choose compact, there isn’t much room for hanging out. They’re designed to be slept in after a long day in the sunshine. There are often built-in outdoor kitchens and sometimes an outdoor shower attachment so you don’t have to completely rough it in the woods. Aside from sleeping, the rest of your time will be spent outside.

Cozy and snug

Compact campers provide a closeness not found in larger RVs. Although if you’re traveling with plenty of little ones, compact might not be the way to go! If you’re traveling solo, with your boo, your bestie, or even a four-legged companion A-frames and teardrops are the perfect place to cozy up at night. With their small spaces it’s easy to keep warm on cold winter nights and the shared space can provide plenty of time spent together. Plus, a warm bed to tuck into after a long day beats a sleeping bag or tarp.

Simple at-home storage

Between picky HOAs and one-car driveways, most homes don’t have the space or opportunity to park a large RV. While renting a parking spot may be an option, it’s cheaper and often brings more peace of mind to park your unit at home. Smaller dimensions provide a perfect opportunity to store your compact camper in your driveway, or even in a garage, for safekeeping at a great price – free!

While there are plenty of other benefits to be found in compact RVs, these are some of the most common ones when you ask teardrop-enthusiasts why they’ve chosen the style. Juniata Valley RV offers an ever-changing variety of new and used compact units. Check our site or give us a call at (717) 436-8883 to see what we have available.

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