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Camping Recipes: Make-Ahead Meals

On RV trips, time is precious! You’re often only at your vacation destination for a few days and there’s plenty to do while you’re there. After a long day in the sunshine on a hike, paddling a kayak, or touring the city, no one wants to take the time and energy to cook a big family meal. That’s why some RVers have turned to make-ahead meals! These are delicious, healthy dishes that can be put together at home and thrown in the freezer. Then, when you’re ready, you can throw them in the RV oven and have a home-cooked meal with little work.

Chicken Pepperoni Casserole

This casserole is a new take on pizza – minus the dough. It combines chicken, cheese, pepperoni and pizza sauce in a deep casserole dish. You can add whichever toppings (bell peppers, mushrooms, chili flakes, etc.) that your family prefers to personalize this pizza-like make-ahead meal. Simply layer your ingredients in a casserole dish and throw it in the oven. Once cooked, you can let the casserole cool, cover it with a layer of tin foil, and pop it in the RV freezer. When you get back from a long day at the campsite, you’ll be grateful to have this savory casserole ready to reheat in the oven.

One of our make-ahead meals, the salmon foil pack, prepared on a pan.

Salmon Foil Pack with Veggies

Foil pack recipes make fantastic camping meals! This salmon and vegetable recipe is light and simple. You can prep your foil packs with salmon, vegetables and seasoning before you leave for your camping trip. Once it’s time for dinner, you can place your foil packs in the oven or over the campfire to cook.


Five Can Chili

Chili is an easy go-to camping recipe – and this five can chili will be an instant favorite! While there are hundreds of ways to make chili, this recipe is a great option for campers with it’s simple, quick cooking process. Simply heat the cans of beans, tomatoes and peppers with a can of beer and some other spices in a large Dutch oven. Although this recipe isn’t exactly made before you head to the campground, it’s definitely simple enough to be cooked on-site over the campfire.

Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

Start the day off right with sweet, fluffy cinnamon rolls cooked in your RV or over the campfire! This make-ahead breakfast was written for camping families. Mix together biscuit dough and milk and roll your cinnamon rolls, then pack them up to be heated later. These cinnamon rolls can be cooked over a campfire, on a grill or in a Dutch oven.

Steak Fajita Foil Pack

Enjoy a spicy steak fajita cooked over the campfire in just thirty minutes! Foil pack recipes are perfect for camping, not to mention fun to cook on the campfire, so we had to add a second to our list. Add steak strips, or chicken if you prefer, with your favorite fajita veggies and seasonings. Put your ingredients together in separate foil packs for each member of your family and pack them away. When you’re ready for dinner, heat them over the fire and you’re ready to chow down!

Skillet Pizza

The only downside to camping? Pizza delivery isn’t exactly easy! To fulfill your pizza craving, try this cast iron skillet make-ahead meal. This recipe covers the pizza basics: dough, sauce and cheese. However, it’s easily customizable with your family’s favorite toppings. Spread the dough, sauce and toppings in your skillet, cover and freeze. When you’re ready to eat a savory pizza dinner, throw your skillet pizza in the oven to heat up. You’re ready for a classic pizza at any campsite!

Ham Pasta Salad

Pasta is a great base for your make-ahead meal. Add ham to your pasta salad, and you’ve got an ideal addition to your go-to camping recipes list. Mix ziti pasta, ham, vegetables and other ingredients with seasonings and your pasta salad “sauce” to complete this simple meal. Once mixed together, toss the ham pasta salad into your RV’s fridge. It’ll be ready to dig into when you are!

These make-ahead meals are great for camping families! They make campsite cooking easy and quick, which is ideal after a long day at the campsite. If you’re in need of a new RV with an upgraded kitchen or outdoor cooking setup, Juniata Valley RV is here to help! We have new and used RVs for sale at our Pennsylvania RV dealership.

Plated skillet pizza on a cutting board.

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