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Manufacturer Spotlight: Lance Campers

Lance Campers: A Manufacturer of Quality Truck Campers and Travel Trailers 

When it comes to the world of RVs, Lance is a name that is known for producing high-quality truck campers and travel trailers. This manufacturer has been in business since 1965, and their dedication to quality and innovation has made them one of the most respected names in the industry. 

At Juniata Valley RV, we are proud to carry a range of Lance RVs, including truck campers and travel trailers. Here’s more about what makes Lance such a great manufacturer, and why their RVs are so popular among RV enthusiasts. 

Truck Campers by Lance Campers 

One of the standout products from Lance Campers is their line of truck campers. These are compact RVs that are designed to be mounted on the bed of a pickup truck. Despite their small size, truck campers are surprisingly spacious and can provide all the comforts of home while you’re on the road. 

A dinette setting inside of a new Lance truck camper.

Lance offers a wide range of truck campers to suit different preferences and different trucks. For example, the Lance 650 is a great choice for solo travelers or couples who want a compact and efficient camper that is easy to maneuver. On the other end of the spectrum, the Lance 1172 is a larger truck camper that offers more space and amenities, making it a great choice for families or groups of travelers. 

All of Lance’s truck campers are built to last, with high-quality materials and construction methods that ensure they can withstand the rigors of travel. They are also designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic, making them more fuel-efficient and easier to handle on the road. 

Travel Trailers by Lance Campers 

In addition to their truck campers, Lance also produces a range of travel trailers. These are larger RVs that are designed to be towed behind a vehicle, and they come in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit different travelers and their preferences. 

One of the key features of Lance’s travel trailers is their use of advanced construction methods and materials. For example, many of their trailers feature Azdel composite panels, which are stronger and lighter than traditional materials. This helps to reduce the weight of the trailer, making it easier to tow and more fuel-efficient. 

Another great feature of Lance’s travel trailers is their attention to detail when it comes to interior design and amenities. Many of their trailers feature luxurious finishes and high-end appliances, making them a true home away from home. 

Lance travel trailers also offer a range of floor plans, which allows you to choose the perfect layout for your needs. Whether you are looking for a small and efficient trailer like the Lance 1475, or a larger model like the Lance 2465, there is a Lance travel trailer that is right for you. 

A gray pickup truck tows a Lance travel trailer with mountains in the background.

Why Choose Lance Campers? 

There are many reasons why Lance is such a popular manufacturer among RV enthusiasts. Here are just a few: 

Quality: Lance Campers are built to last. With high-quality materials and reliable construction methods, they can withstand season after season of use. 

Innovation: Lance is always looking for ways to improve their products. They’re known to consistently incorporate new technologies and materials. Lance builds RVs that are more efficient, more comfortable, and more enjoyable to use. 

A man grills outside of his Lance travel trailer.

Variety: Lance offers a wide range of RVs to suit different needs and preferences, from compact truck campers to spacious travel trailers. 

Attention to Detail: Lance pays close attention to the details when it comes to interior design and amenities, creating RVs that are both beautiful and functional. 

Durability: Lance RVs are designed to be durable, with features like aluminum-framed walls and roofs that can withstand even the toughest conditions. 

At Juniata Valley RV, we are proud to carry a wide variety of Lance truck campers and travel trailers. We know that our customers value quality and innovation, which is why we trust Lance Campers to deliver some of the best RVs on the market. In addition to their high-quality RVs, Lance is also known for their commitment to customer satisfaction. They offer a range of warranties and support services to help ensure that their customers are happy with their purchase, and they are always available to answer questions and provide assistance. 

Overall, if you are looking for a quality truck camper or travel trailer, Lance Campers is a manufacturer that you should consider. Their RVs are built to last, with advanced construction methods and materials that ensure they can withstand years on the road. They offer a wide range of products to suit different needs, and they are committed to customer satisfaction. 

The team at Juniata Valley RV is happy to help you find the perfect RV for your needs. Whether you are looking for a truck camper or a travel trailer, we have a great selection of Lance products to choose from. You can browse our Lance Campers for sale, or view all of our new RVs for sale on our website. Contact us today to learn more! 

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Manufacturer Highlight: Heartland RV

All images courtesy of Heartland RV.

Heartland RV at Juniata Valley RV

At Juniata Valley RV, we only carry campers from the top manufacturers in the country. Our RV manufacturers must build high-quality, dependable campers that will keep our customers at the campground, rather than in the service department. One manufacturer who has long held to our standards is Heartland RV. In over 20 years of building towable RVs, we’ve found Heartland to be a brand we can confidently recommend to our customers.

Heartland RV’s Story

In 2003, a group of dedicated people with a variety of industry backgrounds came together to build a better RV. Their mission was to build a luxury RV that would help people “hit the road and enjoy life’s great adventures.”

By 2004, the company had introduced its first fifth wheel: Landmark. This fifth wheel was loaded with new technologies and advanced storage capabilities. Decades later, Heartland fifth wheels are still industry leaders with a camper-first mindset. Over the next few years, Heartland continued to introduce new models. The company also established its owner’s group, so Heartland RV owners could connect and share experiences.

Heartland’s biggest shift came in 2010, when the company was purchased by Thor. This acquisition helped the brand double-down on their dedication to luxury RVs, which Thor is known for. Over the next decade, the manufacturer continued to expand with growing facilities and developed new, innovative RVs. Here at Juniata Valley RV, our team is always excited to see what Heartland does next!

A man loads an ATV into his Heartland RV Cyclone toy hauler.

Heartland Toy Haulers and Travel Trailers at Juniata Valley RV

Our Pennsylvania RV dealership carries toy haulers and traditional travel trailers by Heartland RV. The models we often keep in stock are the Cyclone, North Trail and Torque. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight trailer or are in need of a luxury fifth wheel with a garage area to store your ATV, we have a Heartland RV for you!

Heartland Cyclone

Take on any adventure when you bring your powersports vehicles and other outdoor toys along with this fifth wheel toy hauler. The Cyclone features luxury fifth wheel amenities while including enough garage space to bring along whatever toys you need. One of the most popular features of these models is the ground stable outdoor patio that can be lowered from the garage entrance. This area is perfect for outdoor relaxation or keeping the kids safe while still enjoying the sunshine.

A North Trail travel trailer is driven down the road.

Heartland North Trail

When it comes to lightweight towing, Heartland RV’s solution is their North Trail travel trailer. This ultra-light trailer allows your family to travel with ease. You can sleep anywhere from three to eight people depending on your North Trail floorplan! These open-concept trailers feature a carpet-free slide for a modern look and easy cleanup. The North Trail also features one of the largest pass-through storage areas in the industry at over 67 cubic feet – finished and insulated in all models.

Interior of the Heartland Torque showing the open-air patio.

Heartland Torque

In addition to the Cyclone fifth wheel toy hauler, we carry the Torque travel trailer toy hauler at our dealership. This versatile travel trailer allows you to conveniently take your toys along with almost any vehicle, not just a pickup truck. Heartland Torque travel trailers are built with comfort and safety in mind, from the elegant interiors to the 2,500 lb. tie-downs in the garage. Heartland RV also offers the Torque toy hauler in a fifth wheel model, so you can choose the towable RV that works best for you.


Shop Heartland RV in Pennsylvania

You can browse our Heartland RVs for sale online, or you can visit our Pennsylvania RV dealership in person in Mifflintown. In addition to Heartland, we carry RVs from top manufacturers and in any type you need. Shop truck campers, tiny campers, motorhomes and more all at Juniata Valley RV! Check out our new RVs for sale page to find out what we have in stock and on order today.

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Truck Camper Basics: What You Need to Know

What to Know Before You Buy a Truck Camper

Truck campers are a popular RV type for campers who need little indoor space and value the ability to easily travel with and store their camper. Since they’ve been added to the inventory at our Pennsylvania RV dealership, we chose to cover the truck camper basics for our customers.

If you’re considering a truck camper, here’s what you need to know and what you should consider. So, when you’re ready to head to the dealership, you’ll have a general idea of what you are looking for in a camper and which campers will fit your truck best.

Truck Camper Basics Breakdown

A truck camper is a type of recreational vehicle that is designed to be mounted onto the bed of a pickup truck. They typically include a sleeping area, kitchenette, and bathroom facilities. As we expand our inventory to include more of these RVs, we decided to go over the truck camper basics for our customers. This includes why you should choose a truck camper, and how to decide which one will work best for you.

Truck camper parked camping in early morning.

Unlike other types of RVs, truck campers are highly portable and offer greater flexibility when it comes to accessing remote or off-road locations. Since they are more compact than other types of RVs, making them easier to maneuver and park in tight spaces. They’re also easy to store at your residence, like inside your garage, without taking up too much space.

Truck campers come in a variety of sizes and styles, ranging from basic models with minimal amenities to more luxurious options with all the comforts of home. Some truck campers are even designed for year-round use, with insulation and heating systems that allow them to be used in colder climates.

How to Choose a Truck Camper

Your Truck

Are you using your current truck to haul your camper, or are you planning on buying a new one? This is absolutely the most important aspect to buying a truck camper. If the camper doesn’t fit or is too heavy for your vehicle, you aren’t going to get very far.

First, determine the payload of the pickup truck. This is the amount of weight that a truck can carry safely. It includes everything that will be packed in your truck, like your passenger and luggage. You need to abide by your truck’s weight restrictions to keep yourself and others safe on the road with others.

In addition to weight, length is an important factor when it comes to truck camper basics. Normal truck bed lengths range from about five to eight feet. Truck campers are made to fit different truck bed sizes. You don’t want to purchase a truck camper made for long bed trucks if your truck has a five-and-a-half-foot bed.

Finally, make sure you know the axle weight as well. The last thing you want is too much weight in the back, which may cause your axle to break while on the road!

Your Needs

Even when discussing truck camper basics, there are many different sizes, styles and floor plans to consider. You’ll want to think about the different types of truck campers and features they offer, such as pop-ups and hard sides, or slide outs and non-slide outs.

Think about what you plan to use the camper for, and who will be attending most of your trips. Are you planning to stay at a private campground, go off-road, or just use it for a place to sleep while traveling? Maybe you need a queen bed for sleeping, more space for the kids, or you’re concerned about saving fuel. These are all important to consider when you shop truck campers for sale. Different types and what fits your traveling style best will help you narrow down your search.

Woman hikes with her dog as she learns truck camper basics on her camping trip.

Type of Truck Camper

When it comes to truck camper basics, it’s important to note that truck campers come in two distinct types: hard-site or popup. Hard side campers typically have more storage and allow you to feel more secure on the road.  You will have good insulation, often have more living space, and you can plan and organize your camper prior to traveling. Pop up campers are lightweight and often more affordable.

Obviously, what you use the camper for will determine what type of camper you get. You also need to consider what you want the camper to be equipped with on the interior. Depending on the model you may have an interior kitchen, shower and toilet, or none of the above. If you plan to travel alone versus bringing along the family and kids, this will be a huge factor in your decision.

Truck Campers for Sale in Pennsylvania

Overall truck campers are a great option for those who value maneuverability and easy storage. There are very few limits with this type of camper. They can often go wherever you and your truck want to! Truck campers are easy to drive and maneuver, which makes your trip less stressful. After reading through these truck camper basics, you can shop truck campers for sale in Pennsylvania at Juniata Valley RV. Not interested in a truck camper? Find fifth wheels, tiny campers, motorhomes and more when you shop our RVs for sale in Mifflintown!

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Why Choose a Truck Bed Camper?

Advantages of a Truck Bed Camper 

The thought of campers often conjures up images of classic travel trailers, or maybe a motorhome. Truck bed campers are sometimes overlooked when it comes to choosing a new camper. But these compact campers can be a great choice – especially if you’ve already got a pickup truck and you’re traveling with a small group. 

About Truck Bed Campers 

A truck camper is ultimately a small RV that is mounted on a pickup truck’s bed. While they are arguably the most compact campers, truck bed campers offer a variety of features comparable to larger RVs in today’s market. Like any other RV, truck bed campers come in a range of models and floorplans.  

Though they are not considered the most luxurious RVs, today’s truck campers offer conveniences such as large kitchenettes with stoves and refrigerators or dry bathrooms with toilets, sinks and showers. Additionally, some models have laundry centers with washers and dryers and optional features such as couches and fireplaces. 

So, whether you are new to RVing or considering a change, consider that truck campers may be the answer to balance convenience and comfort. So, with that in mind, let’s look at what makes them advantageous over some of the other types of RVs out there. 


Undoubtedly, one of the best parts of RV life is the freedom to change locations. When it comes to switching campsites, truck bed campers are easily the most mobile of campers. In fact, their overall mobility may be the most beneficial aspect of truck bed campers. Because they are so compact, they can adventure to places outside of the constraints of larger RVs. Scenic drives through National Parks and overlooks? No problem! Boondocking in a remote location? Why not!  

With truck bed campers, you are typically able to get to any destination that you can access in your pickup truck. So, not only can you take your adventure off road, but you can also access experiences you might not be able to with a large RV. Also, you will struggle less to fit in regular parking spaces at attractions and avoid additional fees thanks to their design. 


The mobility of truck bed campers is ideal, and it goes hand in hand with their drivability. While their size makes them conducive to a broader scope of activities, they are also generally easier to drive. Unlike towing a camper or driving larger Class C motorhomes, driving a truck camper is as simple as driving a truck. Albeit you need to be aware of their height and they are top-heavy, but you’re basically driving a truck with cargo.  

They take corners well, can easily be reversed and fit into ordinary parking spaces. So, although you do need to take safety precautions when driving with them, they’re typically as maneuverable as a truck. So, if you’re comfortable driving your pickup truck, it’s not much more difficult with the addition of the camper.  


As you might have guessed, overall convenience is unquestionably on our list of truck bed camper benefits. Not only do they have nearly unmatched mobility and drivability, but these campers are also low maintenance, self-contained, and easy to store.  

First, because truck campers are essentially cargo, you won’t have much more upkeep than routine maintenance on the truck. The main camper maintenance tasks include inspecting seals to prevent water damage and maintaining the camper jacks.  

Another convenience factor stems from the fact that they are self-contained. While you can detach the camper for use of the truck, for camping you can simply park. Of course, there are other features that require preparation before you settle in, there is little to no additional camp set up or breakdown. Thus, park hopping is made easy as you can just get up and go.  

Lastly, we must once again mention the ease of access with parking. Easily navigating congested areas and finding parking for routine stops, such as gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants cannot be taken for granted! Fitting in ordinary parking spaces undeniably makes life easier. Likewise, truck bed campers are easy to store as they can fit in the garage or driveway of most homes.  


Another benefit of truck bed campers is their incredible versatility. We’ve already mentioned the wide range of models and floor plans, so whether you want luxury features or just need a bed to crash in after your adventures, there’s a truck camper for you.  

While truck campers can offer added features for comfort, they offer the utility benefits of travel trailers. Like other towable campers, truck campers can be detached and left at their campsite or stored when not in use. Not only does this facilitate more off-road adventures, but it also gives you full use of the truck and truck bed.  

Additionally, when you use a truck camper, your truck still has towing capacity. You can take advantage of your truck’s hauling capabilities to tow boats, ATVs, trailers and more. And if you want more towing power, you can upgrade your truck and still be able to use your camper. In fact, because truck campers slide in, you can use it for years to come on any truck that it fits 

Older recreational vehicle at the parking lot in Everglades National Park. Florida, United States


Lastly, we cannot fail to mention the affordability of truck bed campers. We’ve already discussed that they are low maintenance and can be used through multiple truck upgrades, but we also must mention the purchase prices and associated savings.  

To start, the average cost for a new truck camper ranges from $5k – $60k, while towable campers can quickly reach $100k. Additionally, because there are fewer truck campers available, they hold their value better.  

Beyond the difference in initial purchase price, truck campers are also more cost effective when it comes to associated expenses. They’re low maintenance, which helps you avoid costly repairs, and you also save on everyday expenses. You avoid fees on parking and storage, and truck campers are better on gas than other RV types. Also, because they are mounted to a truck, not motorized or towable, they are not considered an RV in many states. So, you can save annually on registration costs and insurance as they’re not required in most states.  

Truck Bed Campers for Sale  

Although truck campers may not be ideal for all RVers, we think they’re always worth considering. Truck campers can go almost anywhere so they’re great for those after off-road adventures and camping in remote locations. Overall, they are relatively easy to drive and convenient to use and maintain. Their versatility and affordability are unmatched when it comes to an RV meant to enjoy the outdoors.  

So, if you’re interested in investing in adventure, get in touch with our sales team and shop our truck campers for sale in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania! We have several truck camper manufacturers and models to choose from. If you’re still not sure about a truck camper, you can always shop all of our new RVs for sale! Once you’re ready to purchase a new camper, you can contact us online, give us a call, or stop by in person. Our team is here to help you find your dream RV! 

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Which Truck Camper Manufacturers Does Juniata Valley RV Carry?

Here at Juniata Valley RV, we take pride in carrying only the best RV brands on the market. When we decided to re-introduce truck campers to our RV dealership, we carefully selected our top three brands. These manufacturers specialize in durable, dependable truck campers that we’re confident will please our shoppers. After careful consideration we chose the following: Capri, Lance and NuCamp.  

Truck Camper Manufacturers at Juniata Valley RV

What is a Truck Camper?

A truck camper is exactly what it sounds like: a camper that is attached to the bed of a pickup truck. These campers are often very small, consisting of a bed, bathroom and kitchen at most. Though tiny campers may have the title, truck campers are truly the smallest campers on the market. They are so small, in fact, that most states don’t legally consider them RVs! Pennsylvania included – here, they are considered cargo rather than an RV.

While truck campers are definitely small, they are a great option for single travelers or couples on the go. One of the main benefits is their maneuverability. They’re easier to drive on winding campground paths or off-road trails for boondockers because they aren’t towed. Additionally, there’s no worry when it comes to parking your truck camper. It’s easy to back into your campsite, and you can fit in almost any parking lot along the way.

A Capri truck camper, one of our truck camper manufacturers, on a truck in the snow.

Image courtesy of Capri.

In addition to ease of travel, truck campers are an affordable option if budget is a concern when you’re in the market for a new RV. The initial price tag is much smaller than most campers. They range anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 new. Not to mention there’s no need to worry about purchasing a registration or significant insurance rate hikes. Finally, they are easy to store! Truck campers are small enough to store in the garage or driveway of most homes.

The truck camper benefits range from price to drivability, which is why we recommend them for single or duo travelers. So, when you shop truck campers at Juniata Valley RV, what are your options?

Capri Truck Campers

Since 1969, Capri has specialized in “the world’s finest truck camper.” They began in a Texas warehouse and have since expanded to a full manufacturing facility. Their campers are lightweight, well-constructed and affordable. And, of course, many buyers love the vintage style that can only be found on Capri truck campers.

Capri campers were recently seen on Paramount’s hit TV show Yellowstone! They manufacture both cab-over models, Retreat and Lone Star, and a non-cab-over Cowboy model. Juniata Valley RV carries all three of their models, so you can choose the camper that works best for you!

Lance Truck Campers

While based in California, Lance plans to open a second facility in Decatur, Indiana, to help keep dealers in the Midwest and on the East Coast stocked. Lance has built safe, eco-friendly, dependable campers since 1965. All of their campers include a two-year structural warranty, so you know you’ve purchased a camper that the brand believes in.

Lance has truck campers to fit both short-bed and long-bed trucks. Both are available in multiple models at Juniata Valley RV. Their stylish campers include award-winning models and floorplans that maximize limited space. In addition to Lance truck campers, we carry Lance travel trailers at our dealership.

NuCamp Truck Campers

Though NuCamp may be better known for their tiny campers, their Cirrus truck campers deserve just as much recognition! NuCamp’s story begins in Ohio’s Amish country in 2004; the original manufacturing company was name Pleasant Valley. Founder Joe Mullet begin his journey exclusively producing teardrop campers: TAB and TAG. The addition of Cirrus truck campers was a new adventure for the manufacturer.

NuCamp offers the Cirrus 620 and Cirrus 820 in their truck camper inventory. The larger 820 is a hard-side truck camper that comfortably fits a 6.5-foot truck bed. On the smaller side is the Cirrus 620. The 620 is lightweight and perfect for half-ton trucks. It weighs in at less than 1,500 lbs. You can find NuCamp trailers and campers for sale at Juniata Valley RV!

A Cirrus truck camper on a truck.

Image courtesy of NuCamp. 

Interested in a new truck camper? Shop truck campers for sale in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania! You can also shop RVs by brand on our NuCamp, Capri and Lance campers for sale pages.  Once you’re ready to purchase a new camper, you can contact us online, give us a call, or stop by in person. Our sales team is ready to help you find your dream RV!

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How to Determine RV Trade-In Value

Find Your RV Trade-In Value

When the time comes to sell your RV, it can sometimes be more hassle than the initial purchase! With title transfers, wiring money and counting on the couple from Facebook Marketplace to actually show, there are tons of stressors when it comes to selling your RV. Even figuring out your RV trade-in value can be difficult. Skip the hassle by trading your RV in at Juniata Valley RV.

The first step to trade your RV is determining the RV value. Figuring out RV trade-in value starts at home, with an inspection of your unit and proper research. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the main steps you’ll take to determine how much your travel trailer or motorhome might be worth.

A couple uses a laptop to determine RV trade-in value.

Consult the Experts

The first thing you’ll do when determining your RV trade-in value is consult J.D. Power’s RV pricing and value search. Similar to the Kelly Blue Book for cars, J.D. Power RV price insights are often consulted by dealers looking at purchasing your RV. Search units by year, make and model to find the retail value. Outside of the popular J.D. Power value, there are other sites that will help you determine your RV’s value. Use RV Trader’s Price Checker and Good Sam’s RV Valuator for a better idea of how much yours is worth.

Popular Opinion

Your next consideration is a little more difficult. It’s based on personal opinions rather than a research tool. You’ll need to consider the popularity of your RV make and model. Dealers want an RV they can sell quickly; they’ll consider the floorplan, unit type, year and more. Some RV models are known to have problems, so make sure to do your research. If your model and year are known to have stuck slide-outs or water leaks, it’ll probably be worth less than other similar models.

RV Condition

Now, think objectively about the condition of your RV. This could be difficult if it holds sentimental value or fond memories, but taking a step back is essential to determining your RV trade-in value. Note any surface-level issues, like broken cabinetry, chipped paint, or stained floors. You should also disclose any issues with the functionality of your RV. Let the dealership know about any leaks or malfunctioning features, down to the appliances. The last thing to consider is mileage, more miles on an RV will decrease its resale value.

Consider the Competition

There are plenty of places where people buy and sell RVs online. One step you can take in considering your RV trade-in value is looking at what similar units sell for. Start by checking other dealerships, especially in the area you’re planning to trade. You can also look at what people selling their units themselves are listing them for by checking places like Facebook Marketplace. To search many similar RVs at once, in your area or all over the country, try searching the make and model with RVUSA.  Looking at similar RVs for sale and considering their condition can give you a rough idea of what your RV trade-in value might be.

RV Appraisals

If online research doesn’t result in the answers you need, think about hiring someone for a professional appraisal. A local RV mechanic or dealership might offer appraisal services, and multiple opinions is the best way to really understand how much your unit is worth. Keep in mind, these appraisals will likely cost you a couple hundred dollars. Therefore, this method is probably better if you’re looking at selling a high-end RV.

Get the Most for Your RV Trade-In

Clean the Camper

Before you take any photos of the RV, bring it to a dealership to sell, or even show up to an appraisal, make sure your unit is spotless. A dirty camper makes it appear mistreated. People will likely pay more for a camper they’re confident has been taken care of. You can sometimes add a few hundred dollars to your RV’s value by cleaning until it looks as good as new.

The Right Timing

If you can wait for the right time of year to sell your camper, do it! When demand is higher, like during peak camping seasons, dealerships are willing to pay more for your RV. During spring and summer, people are flooding to dealerships for new and used RVs for sale, this is the perfect time to sell yours for a higher value.

Maintenance Records

Another way to show that your RV is worth more is by providing detailed maintenance records. Show that you’ve taken care of your camper over the years. This will also show that you put money into keeping your RV in the best shape possible. Prove that you’ve cared for your RV over the years to increase its worth.

Now that you’ve determined what your RV might be worth, stop by Juniata Valley RV to complete your trade in. We’ll off you a fair price for your RV trade in at our Pennsylvania RV dealership. After you’ve traded in your unit, our staff can help you find new RVs for sale that fit your budget and your lifestyle! We carry top brands like Crossrads, Aliner, and Winnebago, and our expert staff members are ready to help you find the perfect unit for your family. Contact us about your RV trade-in today!

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