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Awesome Micro Campers You Shouldn’t Overlook

In a world where bigger is always better, we’re conditioned to find the biggest thing for the best price. TVs, houses, cell phones – but what about RVs?

Enter micro campers: some of the smallest campers made. While they do come in endless amounts of shapes and sizes, they aren’t for everyone. But, for an RVer looking for just enough space, a micro camper could be a perfect choice.

Micro campers don’t just have a catchy name – they come with multiple benefits. They’re lightweight, so easy to use, they’re versatile and affordable. Because they’re lightweight, you don’t have to worry about spending the money on a tow vehicle if you don’t already have one. They’re also a newer concept, so expect some unique designs and interesting layouts.

Here are just a few of our favorites to get you started!

Aliner Expedition Basealiner expedition

The latest concoction from the genius minds at Aliner, your original A-frame camper builders! This time it’s an Expedition model, kicked up a notch with a front kitchen floorplan.

Coming in at only 3,000 lbs GVWR this lightweight camper is made for adventure!

Travel Lite Truck Campers

travel lite truck camper

Travel Lite RV is not just concerned about building reliable units; they also strive to make them the best-looking truck campers on the market. Just because you want to go camping does not mean you have to settle for something that looks boring or insignificant — the interior of the Extended Stays use inspiration from modern luxury homes by using attractive neutral colors!

Nucamp T@G

Looking to step up your adventure? Lightweight and easy to tow, the TAG takes your camping experiences to a whole new level.

No matter where you go, the TAG teardrop trailer is ready for adventure.

Nucamp Cirrus Truck Camper

nucamp cirrus

If you’re looking for a hard-side, non-slide truck camper that comfortably fits a 3/4-ton truck with a 6-foot bed, the Cirrus Truck Camper is for you — outfitted with modern, forward-thinking aesthetics.

We hope you get a few ideas of awesome micro campers from this blog. As always, contact us today for any RV questions you have.

Happy micro camping!

How Buying A Used RV May Get You The Biggest Bang For Your Buck

Buying a used RV is no minor decision, but is an incredibly smart move because it saves you so much money. That’s why they’re such a great option out there for a wide range of customers. But, that doesn’t mean every used RV you come across will be a great buy. Some older rigs don’t have the necessary technology for today, and they might not be up to par as far as safety goes. The staff here at Juniata Valley RV is ready to help you find the right one for you and your family.

Some RVers like the idea of buying an older or used RV because they feel they were constructed better and withhold more weathering than newer models in addition to being less expensive. Or, people buy them because they are particular to a specific brand or year and don’t mind spending the money to renovate or refurbish. These are all great ways of thinking about used RVs, but it’s still important to do your research and be well informed on whichever used RV you plan to purchase.

There are many things to consider when shopping for a used RV. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, so it’s important to be armed with as much information as you can on the process of buying a used motorhome. Below, we discuss a few things to consider when looking at used RVs, and we talk about what to know before purchasing one.

So, buying a used RV is probably going to get you the biggest bang for your buck. But, it’s still important to be careful when shopping around so you aren’t taken advantage of. Here are a few things to look at when viewing a used RV!

Look for any signs of mold or water damage

Even if you don’t see any immediate signs of water damage on the interior of the rig, mold usually means there are leaks and other plumbing issues. Take a flashlight with you and open up all the cabinets, check the walls, corners, the caulking in the bathroom, and every nook and cranny you can to ensure there isn’t mold or signs of leakage. If the cabinets or closets feel warm, it’s a possibility there’s mold growing.

Check the roof

Gently walk on the roof of the rig and make sure it’s sturdy and doesn’t give. If you can feel too much give, it might be rotting.

Closely inspect the floors

Similarly, to the roof, you’ll want to make sure there isn’t too much give on the floor. Walk heavily or even jump in a few spots to test for yourself. Make sure you don’t see any brown spots, as these are never a good thing to see.

Do an in-person tour before you buy

It’s easy for sellers to hide any imperfections of an RV by simply not uploading photos of them online. Because of this, it’s critical to tour the RV in person before you make any decisions. The seller should be more than happy to accommodate this request, but if not, your best bet is to walk away. Any hesitancy here should raise a red flag that something is seriously wrong with the rig and they aren’t telling you.

Remember – if you buy the RV from a private seller, it’s automatically your responsibility for repairs. It doesn’t matter if it’s two or twenty years old.

If you’re unsure about the quality or uncomfortable looking it over yourself, you can always have it professionally inspected. Take it to your local RV dealer and have them do a full inspection. Since it’s not their RV and they aren’t trying their best to sell it, you’ll get a more objective inspection, too. If this isn’t an option, another thing to do is look for RVs that have already been inspected by the dealer and received a seal of approval.

Things to consider when looking at used RVs

Used RVs and trailers still won’t exactly be cheap, but they’ll easily be less expensive than their new counterparts. New RVs depreciate around 10 percent the minute they’ve driven off the lot, so buying used automatically saves you money.

There are other ways you can benefit from buying a used RV, besides saving lots of money. The previous owners may have already repaired any problems or issues they’ve had, and they may have even conducted a bit of premeditated maintenance in case something was about to happen. It’s also normal for them to have added any homey touches, like more storage, spice racks, or an extra mirror in the bathroom.

When shopping used RVs, be sure the rig isn’t too old. Some parks and campgrounds have restrictions on age. If you plan to visit luxurious resorts, be sure your RV isn’t too vintage. And, the older an RV gets, the more wear and tear it accumulates, which can mean multiple and/or expensive repairs down the road. If you don’t want to waste the money you saved from buying used immediately on repairs, do a thorough walkthrough and look for any water damage or mold along any walls and inside cabinets.

If you decide to buy a used RV, be sure you go to a trusted RV dealership in your area (or even out of your area) that you know will be honest with you. The most important thing is you do your research before settling on anything at all. If you don’t, you might end up with a rig that doesn’t fit your needs or a payment that simply isn’t worth it.

What You Need To Know About Aliner Campers

With Aliners, it’s easy to say you get more for less. It’s quickly become one of the world’s most loved campers and for good reason. Aliners are made small but don’t think a single inch of space is wasted. The value of an Aliner is incomparable to any other its size because it somehow squeezes in all the essentials but still leaves room to move.

Just what is an Aliner? It’s simply an A-frame pop-up camper that folds flat for transport and storage. A-frames usually have insulated walls with windows and skylights for the perfect night of stargazing.

At Juniata Valley RV, we have an endless amount of Aliners for you to choose from. Below, we’ve listed a few of our favorite Aliners. Keep reading for more.


Aliner LXE

If you’re wanting a top of the line Aliner, the LXE is for you. This is the one for you if you’re wanting a true home on wheels. The hard-walled front dormer gives plenty of space for a shower and cassette toilet. The best part? Its weight is less than 2000 pounds. The LXE truly has it all.


Aliner Scout

Next, let’s look at a Scout model. This model does not come with as many essentials as the Classic, (we’re thinking sink, microwave, refrigerator, etc) but it weighs 1395 pounds, which is less than the Classic. The Scout offers plenty of storage space for all your hiking and camping gear. Check out this model if you’re ready to start your outdoor adventures!


Aliner Ranger

If you decide on a ranger, you’ll have two models to choose between. Each Ranger has the same equipment package, which has less than the Classic and Expedition, but it still features a comfortable and easy way to camp.


Classic Aliner

The first camper we’ll talk about is the Aliner Classic. With a total weight of only 1590 pounds, you can take this thing nearly anywhere! This is where it all began, and most other Aliner campers are variations of this classic camper. It’s an incredibly comfortable camper with all the essentials inside, like a sofa bed, sink, refrigerator, and microwave. You can’t go wrong with this model! (It’s called the Classic for a reason.)


Aliner Expedition

The Expedition model is ready for any adventure! It offers 30 percent more storage room, which is great for all your hiking and camping gear. It weighs less than 2000 pounds and can be towed my multiple fuel-efficient vehicles. This is perfect for a couple but has enough room for the whole family.


The above campers are just a few of what we have to offer on our lot right now. They’re going quick since it’s getting close to camping season. Aliner campers continue to be one of America’s go-to small pop up campers because they’re so lightweight and roomy. They’re easy to tow because of their size, but they expand to give plenty of room. Some of these can even sleep up to five! Contact us for any questions you may have about these Aliners. Happy RVing!


Live Large in a Winnebago

Most of the time, when people shop for a vehicle, they tend to find a brand they love and stick with it as long as they can. RV shoppers typically do the same when they’re in the market for a new motor home. Winnebago Industries, Inc. is a leading United States manufacturer of outdoor lifestyle merchandise under the Winnebago Grand Design and Chris-Craft brands. Winnebago builds high quality motor homes, travel trailers, fifth wheel products and even boats. The company has several facilities in Iowa, Indiana, Oregon, Minnesota and Florida.

The staff here at Juniata Valley RV absolutely under understand how important it is to find the right RV for you and your family, and we care about the needs of our Harrisburg community. Our purpose is to help you explore he outdoor lifestyle, while giving you the best vehicle to do just that, enabling them to have outstanding experiences as they work, travel and play. Keep reading for a few of our favorite Winnebago models!

One Winnebago model we just can’t get enough of is this 2020 Spyder 23FS. As we’re sure you know, Winnebago is known for packing their RVs full with all kinds of neat features and standard equipment, whereas many brands offer them only as options. This toy hauler is no different. Built with a rear fold down ramp patio screen, power stabilizing jacks, an Onan 4000w generator and so much more, this sport utility package is what you’re missing from life!

If you’re looking for a travel trailer instead, we still have you covered. This 2021 Hike H170S could be what you’re looking for. This trailer sleeps three and comes with a Bluetooth stereo, stainless steel appliances and a full kitchen.

However, for those just stepping in to the RV world, a Winnebago Minnie might be best for you. Don’t let the name fool you, either. This model is small, but it sure packs a punch with all its amenities and space. This 2020 Minnie 2301BHS sleeps eight, comes with a slide out and a full kitchen. Possibly one of their most popular models, you won’t go wrong with a Winnebago Minnie, no matter which model you go for.

Maybe the Minnie is still a bit big for you. Winnebago thought this through and made a Micro Minnie for those who don’t need or want as much space. If that sounds right, this 2020 Micro Minnie 2108TB might be the right fit for you. This small buy mighty RV sleeps four and comes with a furnace, air conditioner, king size bed, solid surface countertops and all leather furniture. You’ll be riding in style with this Micro Minnie!

From State College to Harrisburg, PA, Juniata Valley RV has you covered with the best Winnebago has to offer. Get started on finding the best Winnebago RVs in central Pennsylvania by searching Juniata’s new Winnebago models. We even try to have a few used models on our lot, as well. Check them out here!

That’s about does it for our favorite Winnebago RVs at the moment. We truly love our Winnebago RVs, and we hope you can find one on our lot that you and your family can envision yourselves in for years to come. RVs are surely an investment, so come on down and talk to a staff member about what you’re looking for in an RV today.

Organizing Tips for Small Trailer Camping

Whether you have a large Class C with lots of extra storage space or a small, cozy trailer that has just enough room for you and a few extra items, most of us are always looking for ways to create more space. One of the best ways to do this is by staying organized.

We here at Juniata Valley RV know how difficult staying organized can be, but it goes quite a long way when you’re traveling with or in a small trailer. Staying on top of being organized is one of the best things you can do, because it takes just a few minutes of tidying up each night once everything is in order. Keep reading for our list of ways to stay organized in your small trailer!

Dispose of the excess. Possibly the first and most critical step on the journey of organization, throwing away or donating what you don’t truly need is the ticket to a clutter-free trailer. Every item you take with you while traveling should have its own spot. Without it, clutter and chaos set in. So, make a comprehensive list of things you use every day. Within that list, make another of things you use every few days. Then have your just in case items in another section which are probably safe to leave at home or throw away. Only bringing what you need will eliminate clutter and will help get out in nature instead of staying in the trailer for your whole trip.

Use the extra space on the bottom of the shelves. Oh, yes. We’re using every inch of space we can to stay organized. Under the shelf wire hanging baskets are great for storing plates, Tupperware containers, or even canned goods. The best thing about these? They hang right onto the top shelf, so no tools are required to install!

Use items for more than just one thing. Hanging shoe organizers are great for shoes, of course, but have you considered using it for cleaning supplies or even kitchen utensils? The point is you probably don’t pack many pairs of shoes when you camp, so why not use that extra space for something else? You can also use those wire under the shelf hanging baskets we mentioned earlier in the bathroom or even refrigerator to hold fresh produce.

Stick to a cleaning schedule. Whatever works for you, but you must stick to it or it will fail. It doesn’t have to be just yours, either. Involving the family to assist you in tidying up each morning or evening will instill good practices, and you won’t have to clean up alone. If done this way, it takes just a few minutes before movie night or at the start of the day.

Install hooks. Everywhere. This will help reduce clutter to flat surfaces. Hooks for keys, extra chargers and dog leashes make the space look and feel cleaner. Hang a few in the bathroom for towels or wet bathing suits.

Store food in clear containers. When it comes to an organized pantry, using clear, plastic containers instead of the unsightly cardboard food comes in helps keep everything in order and more visually appealing. It also keeps your food fresh and bugs out. Just look for containers that fit your pantry so you don’t waste any space.

Use walls for storage. Walls are so underused when it comes to RV storage, but they’re able to hold so much Install wire baskets to hold food, or even buy a knife holder that’s hangable. If you have a wider space of empty wall, you can purchase a pegboard and a few hooks to hang pots, pans, and other kitchen appliances on.

Use Velcro for TV remotes. This goes for anything that’s easily lost or misplaced. Adding a few pieces of Velcro to the end of the couch for the remotes will help eliminate clutter, as they’ll have their own designated spot.

Use the ceiling for cleaning supplies. We don’t mean cleaning agents, but more like brooms and mops. These are lightweight and small, so hanging them on the ceiling gets them out of the way and isn’t dangerous. Or, you can store these long tools using brackets in the outside storage compartment.

Use file holders to keep your pantry organized. These are so versatile that it might be a good idea to buy more than one when you purchase them. Use them to store onions, potatoes and avocadoes. Or, use them for cutting boards, plastic bags, rolls of trash bags or odds and ends.

Use a caddy-style organizer that situates by the bed to combat a cluttered nightstand. These will hold remotes, chargers, reading glasses, books, electronics and so much more. Just slide it under your mattress and it hangs off to the side so it’s easy to reach, too.

Have a designated “stuff” basket at the entry. This is so the kids can drop their sunglasses, water bottles or toys in the basket without cluttering the countertops.

Springtime is the best time to get organized for the season – what are you waiting for? When you have a free, open space to come back to, you’re free to venture out into nature without a care in the world.

What are your favorite organization tips? Let us know in the comments!

Aliners Are Winning the Hearts of RV Buyers

“It’s not about being small, it’s about doing more, with less”  Greg McAdoo said it best. It’s a common misconception that bigger is always better – and The Aliner is a perfect example of getting more for less, while doing less and getting more. This amazing camper that was once an idea has become one of the worlds most favorite travel toys and continues to surprise us with adventure and quality products. Lets dive into the reasons why Aliners are winning the hearts of RV Buyers.

The History of The Aliner Camper

A lot of really great business ideas started out as hobbies. This is a great example of that. In the early 1970s, Ralph Tait had an idea so he went into his garage in Bend, Oregon and began tinkering. Several weeks and a few blisters later, he emerged with a revolutionary design for the first A-frame pop-up camper. It was sensible. It was different. And it was light enough to be towed with just about any vehicle. Friends wanted one. Family wanted one. Friends of family wanted one. As word of mouth spread, Ralph found himself making more campers out of his garage. That’s when Ralph’s sons had their own bright idea. Why not turn this hobby into a real business?

The family moved to Pennsylvania and began making Aliner campers. Two brothers would build one. The third brother would hitch it to the family station wagon and drive across the country until he sold it. When he returned, the brothers would have another Aliner waiting. After years of hard work and several hundred thousand miles on the poor station wagon, the family retired in 2007. Today they continue to build every Aliner with the same quality, craftsmanship and pride as Ralph and his sons did for over 30 years.

Aliner Classic

The Classic

This is the model that started it all. All other Aliner models are variations of this original design. Classic earned its name by satisfying customers for over 30 years. It’s not the largest or smallest. It’s not the heaviest or lightest. It’s what Classic owners like to call “just right.” Versatile, adaptable, comfortable with everything you want and nothing you don’t. The Classic is just that …classic.

Aliner Expedition

The Expedition

Ready to handle any adventure, Expedition offers nearly double the “living space”, 30% more storage room, taller counter tops, taller beds, flush mount euro style sink and stove, and our highest capacity chassis compared to our other models. Even as our largest model, it weighs less than 2,000 lbs and is towable by many fuel-efficient vehicles. Expedition is perfect model for the whole family or the couple that just wants more room.


aliner set up


Aliner LXE


The Aliner LXE was truly designed to be your home on the road. The standard hard-walled front dormer provides ample space and head room for the built-in shower and cassette toilet. All of this in a package that weighs less than 2000 lbs.

Ranger Aliner

Ranger 12

There comes a time in life when you simply can no longer sleep on the ground. Enter Scout, the Aliner for traditional tent campers who want or need more than a tent. Scout offers the essentials amenities as well as quality construction, affordability, and ample storage space for all your gear. With a roof over your head and a nice soft bed to sleep on, you’ll find Scout is the perfect platform from which to launch all your outdoor adventures.

Aliner Scout


There comes a time in life when you simply can no longer sleep on the ground. Enter Scout, the Aliner for traditional tent campers who want or need more than a tent. Scout offers the essentials amenities as well as quality construction, affordability, and ample storage space for all your gear. With a roof over your head and a nice soft bed to sleep on, you’ll find Scout is the perfect platform from which to launch all your outdoor adventures.

There’s no doubt that Aliners are winning the hearts of RV Buyers. It’s small but fierce, lightweight yet expansive inside and easy to tow. We have new and used units and are confident we can help you pick out the perfect Aliner for your adventures. Contact us today or click any of the photos above to check out each model!



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