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The holidays have come back around, and we’re ready to have a festive Christmas RV celebration. Whether you choose a white Christmas up here in the northeast, or head south for a green Christmas, celebrating in a warm and cozy RV is an unbeatable experience. So, cuddle up with that special someone, or with the furry friends, and get ready to have a joyous RV holiday season.

How to Host a Christmas RV Celebration

RV Christmas Decorations

Inside your RV there’s limited space for decorations year-round, but Christmas adds to that challenge. Over the years, some clever RVers have come up with great ways to have a compact but still festive Christmas. We’re covering some of the best ways to decorate inside your RV.

Pillow Covers

A great way to decorate for an RV Christmas, or any other holiday, is using throw pillow covers. Throw pillow covers are cheap and easy to find on Amazon. They’re small and can be folded up for simple storage. Choose a cute cover for the summer, and keep a few different holiday covers to change your RV’s theme throughout the year.

A mini tabletop Christmas tree perfect for an RV Christmas.

Christmas Tree

Skinny “pencil” Christmas trees and small tabletop trees are two great options for fitting a Christmas tree in your RV. While pencil trees are fantastic if you’re looking for full-size, they also require yearlong storage space. Tabletop trees can be fake or real, and we recommend choosing a real tabletop tree. This way, the tree doesn’t have to be stored and saved until next year, taking up valuable RV space.

Some RVers prefer keeping their Christmas trees outdoors. Of course, you’d need to run this by the campground you’re staying at. If allowed, keeping trees outside your RV on your site is a great option. This way, you’re saving space inside your rig and you’ve already got your site decorations down!

String Lights

Another well-loved RV Christmas decoration, string lights are a great way to add warmth and cheer inside your RV. Simply put cozy yellow-white lights, cool blue-white, or cheerful colored lights along the inside of your RV. You can also add string lights outdoors, spreading cheer to your campground neighbors.

RV Christmas Ornaments

Another popular RV Christmas decoration, even for part-timers, is RV-related ornaments. There are tons of these online. Even ornaments you can personalize! This easy Amazon or Etsy find is a great way to decorate your RV or your stationary home with RVing Christmas spirit.

RV Site Signs and Statues

Christmas signs, statues, or even blow up decorations are a common sight at RV parks around the holidays.  There are tons of great outdoor Christmas decorations to choose from, both online and in nearly every store around the Christmas season.

RV Christmas Gifts

When it comes to purchasing Christmas gifts for RVers, Juniata Valley RV has you covered. We have a great RV parts and accessories store at our dealership here in Pennsylvania. While we might not have the RV accessory you’re looking for on hand, we can order anything to the store for you!

Rather order something online? Check out this great list of holiday gifts for RVers by RVUSA.

Hosting an RV Holiday Meal

One of the best parts of Christmas is the food! There’s nothing that beats sitting around the table with your loved ones ready to chow down on a holiday feast. Whether your family celebrates with a Christmas roasted ham or juicy Christmas steaks, enjoying that meal is one of the best parts of the season. To host an RV Christmas meal, there are a few things to consider.

Prepare in Advance

This tip applies to RV Christmas and traditional Christmas celebrations. However, in an RV, preparing as much as you can in advance is even more important. RV kitchens are notoriously small, so prepping a large meal is nearly impossible. Instead, we recommend spending the day before your celebration doing as much Christmas dinner prep as possible. Even if this means putting the casserole ingredients in a dish and waiting until the big day to pop it in the oven. Any advance preparation will help you save space, save time and relieve stress.


Our next tip for hosting an RV Christmas dinner is turning the meal into a potluck. This is one of the best ways to make Christmas dinner in your RV easier on you. Ask guests to bring their favorite dish or dessert when they come to dinner. This will relieve your stress and save space in your RV kitchen.

Woman cooking with apples outside an RV.

Make Just Enough

Sure, everyone loves holiday leftovers. We’ll never forget the drama that followed Monica’s Thanksgiving leftover sandwich in the season five episode of “Friends,” “The One with Ross’ Sandwich.” But, cooking with leftovers in mind is a little more difficult in an RV. You’re already struggling to find space to cook the meal, adding extra ingredients to the mix only adds to the challenge. After the holidays, the last thing you need in your RV is a stack of Tupperware taking up space. We recommend making just enough to feed your guests rather than planning for leftovers.

Family exchanges presents during an outdoor Christmas dinner.

Eat Outdoors

During the winter months, many RVers choose to pack up the fifth wheel or the Class A and head south. One of the benefits of this is an opportunity to enjoy Christmas dinner in the great outdoors. We recommend, if the weather is warm enough, setting a table outside your RV. This gives everyone enough room to lean back and unbuckle their pants after a delicious Christmas dinner.


Now that you know how to decorate your RV, what gifts to give fellow RV lovers and how to cook a delicious holiday meal, you’re ready for a perfect RV Christmas celebration. In the meantime, if you’re looking for RV parts or accessories, stop by Juniata Valley RV in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania. We also have a full-service department for RV repairs and upgrades. Stop in to schedule your RV service!

In need of a new RV this holiday season?

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