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There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting under the awning at your favorite campground. But the steps to get there, renting the site to packing supplies, are often stressful to campers, especially on their wallets. To reduce stress and help you enjoy your next trip, we gathered this list of dollar store RV hacks and supplies.

Dollar Store RV Supplies and Accessories

Budget RV Kitchen Supplies

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil has tons of uses, which makes it one of the best dollar store RV supplies. One use is foil pack campfire cooking! If your family hasn’t experimented with foil pack recipes while camping, we highly recommend trying it out! It’s an easy, fun way to make dinner at the campsite. Additionally, aluminum foil is great for everything from saving leftovers to lining the grill.

Food and Bottled Water

Local dollar stores are normally well-stocked with prepackaged food. You can often find boxed snacks like chips and crackers, as well as cans of soup and other easy meals. Large dollar stores sometimes even carry spices and frozen meals! Though you’ll need to go to the grocery store for produce and meats to round out your camping diet, stop by the dollar store first. Additionally, it’s a great place to find bottled water to bring on your trip. Aside from drinking, some campers use bottled water for cooking and dish washing.

Woman putting a plate away in an RV kitchen after a dollar store RV shopping trip.

Towels and Potholders

Most dollar stores feature a rainbow of dish towels and potholders. These dollar store RV supplies are ideal because there are so many options to match your taste. At their low cost, it’s easy to buy multiple and have extra towels stored in the RV. Additionally, there are fewer concerns about tossing them in the trash once they’re well-used.

Kitchen Utensils

Most dollar stores will have an aisle dedicated to kitchen utensils and supplies. They’ll carry large mixing spoons, spatulas and other utensils you’ll want to keep in your RV. You can also find napkins and paper towels, which are great to have in your kitchen.

Budget RV Cleaning

Sponges and Brushes

Visit the cleaning aisle for more dollar store RV supplies. Dollar stores often carry toilet brushes, sponges, dish soap and more. It’s easy to clean everything from dishes in the kitchen to the bathroom sink with the abundance of brushes and cleaners available at the dollar store.

Clothes Pins

Most dollar stores sell bulk packages of clothes pins or plastic clips. It’s good to have plenty of clips when you go camping. Clips can be used to store open bags of chips or to hang wet bathing suits to dry. Use them to hold table cloths down or to dry clothes on the line. We recommend staying well-stocked with clothes pins and clips.


Hair bands, shampoo, hand sanitizer, soap and more are available at the dollar store. If you’re looking for toiletries on a budget, the dollar store is a great place to stop. We recommend shopping at the dollar store for soaps and toiletries before your trip.

Budget RV Organization & More

Collapsible Bins

Collapsible fabric bins are easy to store and great for any kind of RV organization. Their ability to be folded into flat, compact pieces make them an ideal purchase during dollar store RV shopping. You can keep snacks and other supplies organized in the overhead compartments. They’re also great for organizing small items like socks in your closet.

Plastic Containers

Plastic containers are sometimes better than cloth collapsible bins. This is especially true when the items you’re storing have the potential to make a mess. Some items that we recommend choosing plastic bins for include food, art supplies and toiletries like lotion or body wash. They’re easy to clean out and come in tons of different sizes and colors.

Young couple standing in an RV kitchen.

Moisture Eliminator

Every RVer should have moisture and dampness eliminators in their RV during use and definitely during storage. When the air in your RV is moist and stagnant, it’s easy for mold and mildew to take hold. They help fight off the damp smell that some RVs acquire over the years. We recommend stocking up on moisture eliminators!


It’s a good idea to have a doormat both inside and outside your camper door to help prevent tracking mud, dirt or water inside. Most dollar stores carry many different doormats to choose from, so yours can match your taste and style. Thanks to the low price, these are also easy to replace when your old doormat is too caked in mud to last another season.

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are a favorite of RVing parents. They’re great for keeping an eye on your kids when the sun goes down. You can spot your kids from far away, and they’re plenty of fun to play with. Glow sticks are an essential dollar store RV purchase for campers with kids.

A pile of brightly colored pool noodles after a dollar store RV supply shopping trip.

Pool Noodles

Though these are often seasonal, many campers swear by pool noodles! Of course, they’re fun to float on in the pool. But the real use for most campers is to cover sharp corners, especially on the side out. The slide out corners are a huge hazard with both kid and adults often banging their heads. Simply cut a slit down the side of a pool noodle and slide it onto your side out corners. They’ll soften the blow next time you or your kids are walking past the side and happen to hit your head.

Rainy Day Activities

Dollar store RV supplies include items that are just for fun! On rainy days when you and the kids are stuck inside the RV, you’ll be grateful for the dollar store entertainment. You can find books, coloring books, markers, cards, toys and more at the dollar store.

Camping on a budget is easy with these dollar store RV hacks and supplies. Once you’ve got your supplies, stop by Juniata Valley RV for the perfect camper to take on your trip. We carry new and used campers from your favorite brands, and have models from motorhomes to tiny campers. Start shopping by browsing our inventory online today!

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