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Advantages of a Truck Bed Camper 

The thought of campers often conjures up images of classic travel trailers, or maybe a motorhome. Truck bed campers are sometimes overlooked when it comes to choosing a new camper. But these compact campers can be a great choice – especially if you’ve already got a pickup truck and you’re traveling with a small group. 

About Truck Bed Campers 

A truck camper is ultimately a small RV that is mounted on a pickup truck’s bed. While they are arguably the most compact campers, truck bed campers offer a variety of features comparable to larger RVs in today’s market. Like any other RV, truck bed campers come in a range of models and floorplans.  

Though they are not considered the most luxurious RVs, today’s truck campers offer conveniences such as large kitchenettes with stoves and refrigerators or dry bathrooms with toilets, sinks and showers. Additionally, some models have laundry centers with washers and dryers and optional features such as couches and fireplaces. 

So, whether you are new to RVing or considering a change, consider that truck campers may be the answer to balance convenience and comfort. So, with that in mind, let’s look at what makes them advantageous over some of the other types of RVs out there. 


Undoubtedly, one of the best parts of RV life is the freedom to change locations. When it comes to switching campsites, truck bed campers are easily the most mobile of campers. In fact, their overall mobility may be the most beneficial aspect of truck bed campers. Because they are so compact, they can adventure to places outside of the constraints of larger RVs. Scenic drives through National Parks and overlooks? No problem! Boondocking in a remote location? Why not!  

With truck bed campers, you are typically able to get to any destination that you can access in your pickup truck. So, not only can you take your adventure off road, but you can also access experiences you might not be able to with a large RV. Also, you will struggle less to fit in regular parking spaces at attractions and avoid additional fees thanks to their design. 


The mobility of truck bed campers is ideal, and it goes hand in hand with their drivability. While their size makes them conducive to a broader scope of activities, they are also generally easier to drive. Unlike towing a camper or driving larger Class C motorhomes, driving a truck camper is as simple as driving a truck. Albeit you need to be aware of their height and they are top-heavy, but you’re basically driving a truck with cargo.  

They take corners well, can easily be reversed and fit into ordinary parking spaces. So, although you do need to take safety precautions when driving with them, they’re typically as maneuverable as a truck. So, if you’re comfortable driving your pickup truck, it’s not much more difficult with the addition of the camper.  


As you might have guessed, overall convenience is unquestionably on our list of truck bed camper benefits. Not only do they have nearly unmatched mobility and drivability, but these campers are also low maintenance, self-contained, and easy to store.  

First, because truck campers are essentially cargo, you won’t have much more upkeep than routine maintenance on the truck. The main camper maintenance tasks include inspecting seals to prevent water damage and maintaining the camper jacks.  

Another convenience factor stems from the fact that they are self-contained. While you can detach the camper for use of the truck, for camping you can simply park. Of course, there are other features that require preparation before you settle in, there is little to no additional camp set up or breakdown. Thus, park hopping is made easy as you can just get up and go.  

Lastly, we must once again mention the ease of access with parking. Easily navigating congested areas and finding parking for routine stops, such as gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants cannot be taken for granted! Fitting in ordinary parking spaces undeniably makes life easier. Likewise, truck bed campers are easy to store as they can fit in the garage or driveway of most homes.  


Another benefit of truck bed campers is their incredible versatility. We’ve already mentioned the wide range of models and floor plans, so whether you want luxury features or just need a bed to crash in after your adventures, there’s a truck camper for you.  

While truck campers can offer added features for comfort, they offer the utility benefits of travel trailers. Like other towable campers, truck campers can be detached and left at their campsite or stored when not in use. Not only does this facilitate more off-road adventures, but it also gives you full use of the truck and truck bed.  

Additionally, when you use a truck camper, your truck still has towing capacity. You can take advantage of your truck’s hauling capabilities to tow boats, ATVs, trailers and more. And if you want more towing power, you can upgrade your truck and still be able to use your camper. In fact, because truck campers slide in, you can use it for years to come on any truck that it fits 

Older recreational vehicle at the parking lot in Everglades National Park. Florida, United States


Lastly, we cannot fail to mention the affordability of truck bed campers. We’ve already discussed that they are low maintenance and can be used through multiple truck upgrades, but we also must mention the purchase prices and associated savings.  

To start, the average cost for a new truck camper ranges from $5k – $60k, while towable campers can quickly reach $100k. Additionally, because there are fewer truck campers available, they hold their value better.  

Beyond the difference in initial purchase price, truck campers are also more cost effective when it comes to associated expenses. They’re low maintenance, which helps you avoid costly repairs, and you also save on everyday expenses. You avoid fees on parking and storage, and truck campers are better on gas than other RV types. Also, because they are mounted to a truck, not motorized or towable, they are not considered an RV in many states. So, you can save annually on registration costs and insurance as they’re not required in most states.  

Truck Bed Campers for Sale  

Although truck campers may not be ideal for all RVers, we think they’re always worth considering. Truck campers can go almost anywhere so they’re great for those after off-road adventures and camping in remote locations. Overall, they are relatively easy to drive and convenient to use and maintain. Their versatility and affordability are unmatched when it comes to an RV meant to enjoy the outdoors.  

So, if you’re interested in investing in adventure, get in touch with our sales team and shop our truck campers for sale in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania! We have several truck camper manufacturers and models to choose from. If you’re still not sure about a truck camper, you can always shop all of our new RVs for sale! Once you’re ready to purchase a new camper, you can contact us online, give us a call, or stop by in person. Our team is here to help you find your dream RV! 

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