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What to Know Before You Buy a Truck Camper

Truck campers are a popular RV type for campers who need little indoor space and value the ability to easily travel with and store their camper. Since they’ve been added to the inventory at our Pennsylvania RV dealership, we chose to cover the truck camper basics for our customers.

If you’re considering a truck camper, here’s what you need to know and what you should consider. So, when you’re ready to head to the dealership, you’ll have a general idea of what you are looking for in a camper and which campers will fit your truck best.

Truck Camper Basics Breakdown

A truck camper is a type of recreational vehicle that is designed to be mounted onto the bed of a pickup truck. They typically include a sleeping area, kitchenette, and bathroom facilities. As we expand our inventory to include more of these RVs, we decided to go over the truck camper basics for our customers. This includes why you should choose a truck camper, and how to decide which one will work best for you.

Truck camper parked camping in early morning.

Unlike other types of RVs, truck campers are highly portable and offer greater flexibility when it comes to accessing remote or off-road locations. Since they are more compact than other types of RVs, making them easier to maneuver and park in tight spaces. They’re also easy to store at your residence, like inside your garage, without taking up too much space.

Truck campers come in a variety of sizes and styles, ranging from basic models with minimal amenities to more luxurious options with all the comforts of home. Some truck campers are even designed for year-round use, with insulation and heating systems that allow them to be used in colder climates.

How to Choose a Truck Camper

Your Truck

Are you using your current truck to haul your camper, or are you planning on buying a new one? This is absolutely the most important aspect to buying a truck camper. If the camper doesn’t fit or is too heavy for your vehicle, you aren’t going to get very far.

First, determine the payload of the pickup truck. This is the amount of weight that a truck can carry safely. It includes everything that will be packed in your truck, like your passenger and luggage. You need to abide by your truck’s weight restrictions to keep yourself and others safe on the road with others.

In addition to weight, length is an important factor when it comes to truck camper basics. Normal truck bed lengths range from about five to eight feet. Truck campers are made to fit different truck bed sizes. You don’t want to purchase a truck camper made for long bed trucks if your truck has a five-and-a-half-foot bed.

Finally, make sure you know the axle weight as well. The last thing you want is too much weight in the back, which may cause your axle to break while on the road!

Your Needs

Even when discussing truck camper basics, there are many different sizes, styles and floor plans to consider. You’ll want to think about the different types of truck campers and features they offer, such as pop-ups and hard sides, or slide outs and non-slide outs.

Think about what you plan to use the camper for, and who will be attending most of your trips. Are you planning to stay at a private campground, go off-road, or just use it for a place to sleep while traveling? Maybe you need a queen bed for sleeping, more space for the kids, or you’re concerned about saving fuel. These are all important to consider when you shop truck campers for sale. Different types and what fits your traveling style best will help you narrow down your search.

Woman hikes with her dog as she learns truck camper basics on her camping trip.

Type of Truck Camper

When it comes to truck camper basics, it’s important to note that truck campers come in two distinct types: hard-site or popup. Hard side campers typically have more storage and allow you to feel more secure on the road.  You will have good insulation, often have more living space, and you can plan and organize your camper prior to traveling. Pop up campers are lightweight and often more affordable.

Obviously, what you use the camper for will determine what type of camper you get. You also need to consider what you want the camper to be equipped with on the interior. Depending on the model you may have an interior kitchen, shower and toilet, or none of the above. If you plan to travel alone versus bringing along the family and kids, this will be a huge factor in your decision.

Truck Campers for Sale in Pennsylvania

Overall truck campers are a great option for those who value maneuverability and easy storage. There are very few limits with this type of camper. They can often go wherever you and your truck want to! Truck campers are easy to drive and maneuver, which makes your trip less stressful. After reading through these truck camper basics, you can shop truck campers for sale in Pennsylvania at Juniata Valley RV. Not interested in a truck camper? Find fifth wheels, tiny campers, motorhomes and more when you shop our RVs for sale in Mifflintown!

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