Customer Reviews from Juniata Valley RV

Recently my catalytic converter was stolen off my motor home while on-site getting some work done at Juniata RV in their drop lot. I contacted police and my insurance and started a claim. The service manager Chris called me shortly after and told me the owner Eric had committed to handling this theft on my behalf! I was floored! What an amazing gesture of kindness by this team at Juniata RV! You have yourselves a customer for life. I can’t express my gratitude enough for this! Thank you Juniata RV Team!

B. Bennett - 11/5/2022

I wanted to thank you for all the effort you put into getting me into this 400. My daughter and I took it out over the weekend and had a great time! We stayed toasty warm inside even though temps were in the mid-30's overnight. I found it very easy to tow and discovered it actually tows better than the popup I traded. My gas mileage is worse with the TAB, but that is the tradeoff for a trailer that is so well-built and fits us better. We can't wait for spring to take it out again. While we could stay warm in it now, I fear the weather is soon going to make towing unfriendly for us.  Adam was extremely helpful in the walkthrough of the trailer. He wasn't as familiar with the bunk setup since it is new to this year's model, but we were able to figure it out. I discovered that the table leg parts fit perfectly in the storage cabinet at the back of the dinette area. I thought he might find that useful information as he goes through walkthroughs with future owners. I am not sure if he knows much about the battery heater switch function since we did not discuss it much. In case it is a question, I figured out that there is a heater for the lithium batteries that should be turned on when temps are below 40 degrees and not connected to shore power to improve battery performance if the batteries are not switched off for long-term storage. Overall I enjoyed working with Adam and learning about the trailer! He was very knowledgeable and fun to work with. I appreciate that your team willingly winterized the trailer at my request too. That made it much simpler for me this year.  I did as Adam recommended and tried out all the different systems other than the water on the trailer over the weekend and found that they all worked well. It took a few tries to light the stove, but I think that was partly from the fact that the system was brand new and user learning curve. I am excited for next spring, and if I should need any assistance with de-winterizing, I will be sure to call! Thank you again for making this a great experience. I will be sending my friends to your dealer for more than just nuCamp RVs. Your pricing is fair, and you treated me very well.

Cynthia - 11/3/2022

Everything from shopping to purchase was terrific. Staff was personable and helpful. Highly recommend them for you RV needs.

P. Tyson - 10/9/2022

My husband and I just recently purchased a Winnebago Micro Minnie....We had such a great experience working with with the entire staff of Juniata Valley RV. Very friendly, helpful, and no pressure...I highly recommend them!!

rjeanettec1 - 9/24/2022
Unit Description: Winnebago Micro Minnie

Have been traveling occasionally for 10 years now and becoming full time this past year, Juniata Valley RV has by and far the best service/parts departments that we have encountered, definitely deserves a look.

R. Bulick - 7/16/2022

I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how blown away we by the amazing customer service that was provided to our family by Rick Orndorf. A few weeks ago, My wife and I happened to be driving by your dealership (as we do every day) and she saw a little used camper, that she immediately fell in love with. The following afternoon, we came in, and spoke with Rick about a possible purchase of the little unit. He gave us a price that was a little higher than what we had been seeing on FB Marketplace for privately owned units, but I felt okay with that, because we were buying from a reputable dealer. Once we made the purchase and got the little guy home, we noticed some issues that had somehow slipped through the cracks prior to the purchase. I went in and spoke with Rick, and even though we had purchased the unit "as is" he quickly sprung into action to make things right. This included two visits to our home. One of which, was his day off, where he personally ordered poles and fabricated a bracket to try and get our awning to work correctly.   This guy is amazing! He never hesitated to help us out when there was a problem, and we are so thankful for that. Rick is an asset to your business, and you are blessed to have amazing employees like him.    It's rare to find a company that encourages their staff to treat their customers like they would want to be treated. Take a bow sir, you are doing it right.

Rev. Jeffrey A. Henry - 6/29/2022
Salesperson: Rick

Had trouble w leveling jacks w our 2021 Jayco Grayhawk . We were all set up and placed a service call and technician came within 30 minutes. He found problem and was able to resolve issue. Thanks so much for your help.

K. Bramble - 6/24/2022

Wonderful experience of service on my Aliner. These people give exceptional customer service in every respect. I couldn’t be more pleased.

K. Carpentar - 5/31/2022

Very friendly guys, work was done in a decent amount of time, can't wait for camping season to begin!!

M. Taylor - 4/22/2022

Absolutely the best RV buying experience we've ever had ! Our salesperson was Brett and he was helpful and answered all our questions . Our Nucamp Tab 320s was ready when we arrived . The walk through with Adam was to the point and he answered all our questions and helped get it set up and ready to roll. Angel did the paperwork was smooth and quick and we were out the door in no time . We traveled almost 3 hours to pick up our new trailer and couldn't be happier and was well worth the drive , Thanks again to everyone there !

K Bachurski - 2/5/2022
Salesperson: Brett
Unit Description: nuCamp Tab 320

Everyone at Juniata Valley RV are professional, knowledgeable and just a pleasure to work with! After visiting numerous RV dealerships trying to decide what would best fit our needs, we happened upon Juanita and we are so thankful we did! Definitely worth the 3 hour drive from our home. Would highly recommend anyone looking for a RV to get ahold of them!

G. Himes - 11/7/2021

Great experience beginning to end. Thanks to Eric and the team for the friendly, great service. Loving the new T@b. It was well worth the trip from out of state!

J. Cardines - 11/6/2021

My husband and I purchased a travel trailer from Juniata Valley RV earlier this month (September 2021.) From deciding on our camper to being handed our keys we were given the best customer service! Also, our camper was delivered to our seasonal site in Maryland! Our salesman was Eric. He answered all my questions and gave me the freedom to take all the time I needed to look at and decide on our camper. We also worked with Angel who did all the paper work. She was kind and cheerful and very encouraging! Before we signed the papers, Adam walked us through the camper and showed us how everything worked. That was very helpful! A huge THANK YOU to Juniata Valley RV for a wonderful buying experience! We recommend them and would buy from them again!

J. Lewis - 9/25/2021
Salesperson: Eric

After visiting many RV dealers, I found my way to Juanita Valley RVs. I IMMEDIATELY was taken by Brett and knew right away this is where I was going to buy from. I specifically was looking at an ALiner pop-up, and after viewing their inventory on their website, I called and Brett spoke with me on the phone regarding some of their stock, I made an appointment to go in (a 3 hr ride for me - TOTALLY WORTH IT). They literally had all the models for me to look at, and after another trip there, I placed an order for an incoming unit. No pressure, $100/deposit. Other dealers wanted $2500 non-refundable deposit (not only did I find these dealers offensive in their deposit policy, it was totally laughable in my opinion). I ended up buying a pre-owned 2019 Classic after seeing it on their lot. It totally fit my needs. I actually have been using it all summer and have absolutely no problems with it. When I took delivery, Adam spent at least 1 hour going over everything with me THEN took me on a 25 minute towing lesson since I had never towed before. Some dealers I went to added as much as $1200 “delivery fee" to “review and check everything in the camper” “To make sure “everything was working”. REALLY?? This is a dealer's fiduciary responsibility to do these things and not charge for doing it! There were no added charges at Juniata Valley RV and actually their pricing beat every other Aliner dealer I went to or spoke with. Finally, Angel in the business office was prepared, efficient and a delight to deal with. Brett was a gentlemen, PATIENT, not pressuring in the least and totally knowledgeable about everything Aliner and EVEN called the Aliner rep to clarify a few things when I was there. Everyone at this dealership DOES THEIR JOB efficiently and in the most PROFESSIONAL matter. I never write reviews unless I was not pleased with the service and want to caution consumers but this time I had to make an exception because the whole dealership was so amazing.

M.T. from Philadelphia, PA - 9/14/2021
Salesperson: Brett
Unit Description: 2019 ALiner Classic

Awesome experience purchasing a Nucamp T@g XL Boondock on Tuesday. Can’t say enough good things about Brett, Adam , Devin and Angel. What a professional team! Outstanding experience from beginning to end. No hidden fees. Fair pricing. Simply put, a very honest , family run business that treats their customers extremely well. Thank you again !!

L. Hayes - 8/24/2021
Salesperson: Brett, Adam, Devin and Angel
Unit Description: Nucamp T@g XL Boondock

This is a good dealership that really tries hard to please the customer. I had ordered a trailer that ultimately I didn’t want to take delivery on due to damage (I did get to see the damage). That damage occurred prior to my pickup date and they notified me prior to me making the trip to inspect it. They immediately offered to refund my deposit. In this high demand time; they happen to get in a another trailer that I had interest in. Otherwise I would have not bought any other trailer from them. Instead of taking advantage of me by selling it to me at a peak season price, they sold it to me at a very competitive price. This is a small dealership. I ended up dealing with Sales, the owner, admin staff and three technicians which is probably close to most of the staff. They all treated me extremely well and despite the issue I had; it went pretty smooth. Although small is size they are big in customer service. I highly recommend this dealership.

T. Braid - 5/26/2021

Excellent sales process; answered all our questions and reviewed all product features. To top it off every employee we interacted with was knowledgeable, polite and fun!!

L. Bierlein - 3/26/2021

I had a great experience with Juniata Valley. I purchased from out of state and had a 3rd party deliver my trailer about a month ago. They were willing to show me the camper through video chat & go over all the specifics before purchase. I saved a lot by buying through them VS local dealers. Recommend 100%,, they made the transaction easy.

S. Miceli - 3/5/2021

We purchased a 2021 Shasta Oasis 18bh today. From the sale to the service we could not be happier. The staff was completely competent in helping us from financing to getting us on the road. The walk through showing us every bell and whistle the camper has and how to use it was the best.

A. Tyler - 2/27/2021

Had a unforeseen problem recently, Mike in service took care of ordering parts and getting my camper back to me in a quick turnaround. I recommend them for any of your RV needs.

M. Pool - 11/4/2020

Had a unforseen problen recently, Mike in service took care of ordering parts and getting my camper back to me in a quick turnaround. I recommend them for any of your RV needs.

M. Pool - 9/2/2020
Salesperson: Mike

Friendly and very helpful in everything from sales, to repair work, to explaining little helpful hints I have not heard elsewhere. On my travels across the country people recognize the Badge and say they have heard of it, and one even pitched from here. They were also very happy. These folks made our RV experience FUN!

G. Myers - 8/24/2020
J. Cardines

Great experience beginning to end. Thanks to Eric and the team for the friendly, great service. Loving the new T@b. It was well worth the trip from out of state!

J. Cardines - 7/1/2020

What a great experience highly recommend them.

A. Earnest - 6/7/2020

Juniata Valley has been excellent in servicing our RV. We have given them pretty long to-do lists for repairs and upgrades and they have been diligent about taking care of everything. They charge reasonable prices and it feels like they treat our RV like they own it. Will drive the 2 1/2 hrs to go there to avoid the poor dealers near us.

A M - 10/19/2019

Everyone at Juniata Valley RV were wonderful to deal with. No high pressure tactics, no one pushes you to buy anything. A special thanks to Travis who made our purchase smooth and easy!

Maureen Conneen - 9/9/2019
Salesperson: Travis

Low overhead + high volume + good people = great deals on an RV. My wife and I drove from Orlando to buy our Aliner from Juniata Valley RV. Our friends would ask, " why are you going all the way to Pennsylvania to buy one?", and we explained that we saved thousands of dollars. Don't take my word for it, price it yourself on the internet. No hidden fees as they advertise. We would do it again tomorrow.

Wayne's World - 8/31/2019

We purchased our new 2019 AMAZING NüCamp tab 400 boondock lite from JVRV this past week. Before even visiting the dealership we had done some research online. JVRV’s website is up to date and had the exact model, color and features we were looking for. Our hope was that the model we saw online would actually be at the dealership. When we arrived to the dealership we were greeted by the sweetest golden retriever who wasn’t all that interested in invading our space until we told him it was okay. I greatly appreciate well behaved dogs whether it’s in someone’s home or business! They were fairly busy but Eric said that everything was open and to take a look. We found our trailer almost immediately and took a look! We were happy to see that everything was clean and tidy and most importantly in perfect working order! JVRV posts their pricing in plain site inside the campers which was a nice surprise. They don’t haggle with you. The price is the price and that’s it! Like I said we did our research and we knew what most places were charging for the model we bought, but JVRV was THOUSANDS LESS than other dealers. In some cases almost 10k less than other dealers! That’s insane! I know this type of trailer is in high demand but damn! We saved a ton by buying it here! After we viewed the RV we met with Eric in the office and he answered all the questions that we had at the time. At that point we were unsure if we were going to go ahead and purchase it, but we didn’t want anyone else to buy our camper while we decided. Eric offered to hold it for $100. No obligation. No pressure. Over the weekend we decided to check our financing options and ended up going with the financing that JVRV was offering. Through their bank we saved a ton on the interest rate! Our bank couldn’t even offer us the type of deal their bank did! By the time we heard back about the financing we had already purchased bedding, tools, etc for the camper! We were definitely going to buy it! Later in the week we dropped off our truck to have the brake lines added (included in the selling price,) and 2 days later we went back to JVRV to pick up our TAB 400. We were greeted by Eric when we arrived and then given a demonstration by Ralph. Ralph is a true asset to JVRV! He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He went above and beyond in every way possible! Listen, we’re first time owners, but he didn’t treat us like idiots. That’s so important! He showed us everything about our TAB 400 and gave us great advice on maintaining it, setting it up and hauling it. After the demo Travis helped us finish paperwork. Quick and easy! We picked out some accessories in their shop. Ralph brought the truck around with the camper and showed us how the brake system works. We went over all the freebies JVRV gave us (adapters, waste hoses, propane tanks, etc). Travis and Eric came out to thank us for the business. People walking by complimented us on the camper. Brought it home, neighbors gave us compliments. Set it up. Parked it. Going camping for the first time this upcoming weekend! I feel fairly confident about what to expect and I know that we made a great purchase that we’re going to enjoy for a long long time and thats because of the people at JVRV. They’re great. We’re a married gay couple from state college. We’ve never done anything like this before. They never treated us any different. They interacted with us professionally. That stuff matters. I am fairly confident that if we ever have an issue they’ll be right there to fix it! Thanks so much JVRV!

Matthew Stetson - 6/15/2019
Salesperson: Eric
Unit Description: NüCamp tab 400 boondock lite

Good work, reasonable prices, quick completion of work. Use JV frequently

Stanley Bankowski - 6/8/2019

It was a breath of fresh air dealing with the real, honest people at Juniata Valley RV during my Heartland North Trail purchase. From my first contact with Eric about a trade-in, through working with you and your easy-going nature on the sale, to the thorough and knowledgeable prep and pre-delivery walkthrough with Adam and Lyle, it was one of the most pleasurable purchase experiences I have had. I had complete confidence and trust in everyone I dealt with - not easy to come by in today’s world. Juniata Valley RV will be my one and only recommendation to anyone else looking for an RV.

Mike Berkheimer - 5/2/2019
Salesperson: Travis
Unit Description: Heartland North Trail

My family and I drove 3 hours to look at a camper we had been looking for. We were blown out of the water by their amazing customer service, welcoming atmosphere, flexibility, and prices. We will never look anywhere else, the drive was worth every second we spent there. Thank you Eric and your whole crew for treating us like royalty. My children and I especially loved your 4 legged greater, please give him an extra pat from the harden family.

Heather Harden - 4/27/2019
Salesperson: Eric

Juniata Valley RV had a great selection; however, by far the best part about them, are the awesome people that work there. The owner and his team were all very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. It was the best experience I've had at any kind of dealership. Thank you all for a great purchasing experience.

Baron Brewzer - 2/15/2019

Great place to buy an RV. I traveled from Michigan to Juniata to buy my RV. Outstanding new RV prices and very Fair trade in prices. Would recommend these guys to anyone. Call up Travis if you need an RV!!

Joe Barker - 2/2/2019
Salesperson: Travis

This is just a quick message to let you know that we are having a great time with our Aliner! We camped in 8 Missouri State Parks this year. Very happy with the Aliner.

J. Boss - 11/19/2018
John Selby III

Just a very wonderful place to do business with. Eric, Adam, and his crew were friendly, funny, and absolutely amazing. Customer service is Top Shelf. I highly recommend Juniata Valley RV for your next purchase, service, or just need supplies or advice.

John Selby III - 11/16/2018

I will 100% recommend Juniata Valley RV to everyone. Eric and his crew are amazing. Friendly, funny, extremely informative and educational, and dog friendly. My husband and I are newbies and left there feeling confident in our purchase and knowing if we ever needed help they will be there. Thank you all so much.

Hanna Crook Selby - 11/16/2018

They had an RV for sale that we wanted, but we were skeptical of driving 430 miles to purchase it site unseen. Sonja worked with us sending pictures of the unit. I made the journey and when I arrived I was VERY pleasantly surprised at the immaculate condition of the unit. Sonja was so very honest and an absolute pleasure to do business with. I HIGHLY recommend her and the staff.

Jeff Brantley - 11/16/2018

With only a 'Google Education' in RVs, we were newbies. Travis made the process painless and we appreciated his excitement for us. On the day we picked up our Aliner, we were lucky to have Adam walk us thru everything! He even made sure we were comfortable driving with the camper (there is only so much you can learn online)!! We had a wonderful experience with Juniata Valley RV and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in purchasing an RV. Plus they have a great selection.

Lydia Szyjka - 11/16/2018
Jo Arias Miller

Exceptional customer service and excellent prices! Thank you, Juniata Valley RV, you guys are hands down amazing!

Jo Arias Miller - 11/16/2018

They had an RV for sale that we wanted, but we were skeptical of driving 430 miles to purchase it site unseen. Sonja worked with us sending pictures of the unit. I made the journey, and when I arrived I was VERY pleasantly surprised at the immaculate condition of the unit. Sonja was so very honest and an absolute pleasure to do business with. I HIGHLY recommend her and the staff!

Global Apostolic Ministries - 10/6/2018
Salesperson: Sonja
Ron and Linda Taylor

Dear Eric, Linda and I wanted to take this time to thank you and your staff for your Outstanding Customer Service! Your staff went out of their way to drive to the plant to pick up our camper and get it ready for us to pickup on such and short notice so we could pick it up on May 25. All that you and your staff did that day to get us up and running and into our new camper after such a long anticipated wait was greatly appreciated. We have taken our camper out a couple of times and people are always amazed by it and ask us where we purchased it and we always highly recommend Juniata Valley RV as the company to go to. Thank you, Ron and Linda Taylor PS We love our ALINER!

Ron and Linda Taylor - 5/26/2016
Salesperson: Eric
Sue Little

Eric, We just completed a 10 week, 14,180 mile trip across 14 states and providence to Alaska in our Toyota Tacoma pick up with our Aliner Alite camper. The camper was perfect: light to pull, truly set up with one person in less than a minute. It stayed dry inside even when setting up and tearing down in the rain. We were warm in 30 degree weather and with the fan, cool in 80 degree weather. With the campers suspension system it pulled great over the gravel washboard roads and frost heaves. The hard sides of the camper kept us safe in bear country and allowed us to stay in campgrounds that canvas pop-up and tents were not allowed. We saw unbelieveable scenery in the snow capped mountains, glaciers, canyons, wildflowers, waterfalls and lots and lots of wildlife. This truly was a trip of a lifetime. Thank you, Sue Little

Sue Little - 5/26/2016
Salesperson: Eric

Hi Eric, The little blue T@B just returned from its maiden voyage, 3837 miles out and back. I took these two photos in the the Big Horn mountains in eastern Wyoming. I especially like the one surrounded by wild flowers and the snow capped mountains in the background (also a pretty nice ad for the Explorer). Can't say enough positive of how we enjoyed the T@B. We are thrilled to own it and met countless people on our way commenting on how nice it was and people who wanted to see it up close. I should have brought your business card! Cheers, Pernille

Pernille - 5/26/2016
Salesperson: Eric
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