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Find Your RV Trade-In Value

When the time comes to sell your RV, it can sometimes be more hassle than the initial purchase! With title transfers, wiring money and counting on the couple from Facebook Marketplace to actually show, there are tons of stressors when it comes to selling your RV. Even figuring out your RV trade-in value can be difficult. Skip the hassle by trading your RV in at Juniata Valley RV.

The first step to trade your RV is determining the RV value. Figuring out RV trade-in value starts at home, with an inspection of your unit and proper research. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the main steps you’ll take to determine how much your travel trailer or motorhome might be worth.

A couple uses a laptop to determine RV trade-in value.

Consult the Experts

The first thing you’ll do when determining your RV trade-in value is consult J.D. Power’s RV pricing and value search. Similar to the Kelly Blue Book for cars, J.D. Power RV price insights are often consulted by dealers looking at purchasing your RV. Search units by year, make and model to find the retail value. Outside of the popular J.D. Power value, there are other sites that will help you determine your RV’s value. Use RV Trader’s Price Checker and Good Sam’s RV Valuator for a better idea of how much yours is worth.

Popular Opinion

Your next consideration is a little more difficult. It’s based on personal opinions rather than a research tool. You’ll need to consider the popularity of your RV make and model. Dealers want an RV they can sell quickly; they’ll consider the floorplan, unit type, year and more. Some RV models are known to have problems, so make sure to do your research. If your model and year are known to have stuck slide-outs or water leaks, it’ll probably be worth less than other similar models.

RV Condition

Now, think objectively about the condition of your RV. This could be difficult if it holds sentimental value or fond memories, but taking a step back is essential to determining your RV trade-in value. Note any surface-level issues, like broken cabinetry, chipped paint, or stained floors. You should also disclose any issues with the functionality of your RV. Let the dealership know about any leaks or malfunctioning features, down to the appliances. The last thing to consider is mileage, more miles on an RV will decrease its resale value.

Consider the Competition

There are plenty of places where people buy and sell RVs online. One step you can take in considering your RV trade-in value is looking at what similar units sell for. Start by checking other dealerships, especially in the area you’re planning to trade. You can also look at what people selling their units themselves are listing them for by checking places like Facebook Marketplace. To search many similar RVs at once, in your area or all over the country, try searching the make and model with RVUSA.  Looking at similar RVs for sale and considering their condition can give you a rough idea of what your RV trade-in value might be.

RV Appraisals

If online research doesn’t result in the answers you need, think about hiring someone for a professional appraisal. A local RV mechanic or dealership might offer appraisal services, and multiple opinions is the best way to really understand how much your unit is worth. Keep in mind, these appraisals will likely cost you a couple hundred dollars. Therefore, this method is probably better if you’re looking at selling a high-end RV.

Get the Most for Your RV Trade-In

Clean the Camper

Before you take any photos of the RV, bring it to a dealership to sell, or even show up to an appraisal, make sure your unit is spotless. A dirty camper makes it appear mistreated. People will likely pay more for a camper they’re confident has been taken care of. You can sometimes add a few hundred dollars to your RV’s value by cleaning until it looks as good as new.

The Right Timing

If you can wait for the right time of year to sell your camper, do it! When demand is higher, like during peak camping seasons, dealerships are willing to pay more for your RV. During spring and summer, people are flooding to dealerships for new and used RVs for sale, this is the perfect time to sell yours for a higher value.

Maintenance Records

Another way to show that your RV is worth more is by providing detailed maintenance records. Show that you’ve taken care of your camper over the years. This will also show that you put money into keeping your RV in the best shape possible. Prove that you’ve cared for your RV over the years to increase its worth.

Now that you’ve determined what your RV might be worth, stop by Juniata Valley RV to complete your trade in. We’ll off you a fair price for your RV trade in at our Pennsylvania RV dealership. After you’ve traded in your unit, our staff can help you find new RVs for sale that fit your budget and your lifestyle! We carry top brands like Crossrads, Aliner, and Winnebago, and our expert staff members are ready to help you find the perfect unit for your family. Contact us about your RV trade-in today!

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