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During the summer, when temperatures rise and days stretch longer, finding the perfect way to cool off becomes a must. Enter the world of frozen snacks! No matter where you’re going, these frozen treats are the perfect way to beat the heat. Explore a variety of frozen summer camping recipes that promise to keep you cool. From the creamy indulgence of homemade ice cream to the fruity zest of popsicles, get ready to turn these frozen treats into your go-to companions for the season.

9 Simple Summer Camping Recipes to Help Cool Off

FroYo Bites

In the heat of summer, there’s nothing quite like a refreshing, healthy treat to keep your energy up and spirits high. Enter these frosty froyo bites from Super Healthy Kids—a delightful twist on traditional yogurt snacks that will win over everyone, including those picky eaters or kids with texture sensitivities. These fruity froyo bites are a clever way to enjoy the nutritional benefits of yogurt. Packed with protein, calcium and probiotics to support healthy digestion.

Preparing these frozen snacks is a breeze: Blend plain Greek yogurt with your choice of berries, like strawberries and blueberries, pour the mix into ice cube trays, and freeze. A few hours later, you’ve got delicious frozen yogurt bites! For an extra fun touch, insert a toothpick into each bite and dip it in a topping like granola or chocolate.

Creamy Layered Blueberry Ice Pops

These blueberry ice pops from Taste of Home are a great dessert to prep before loading into the RV. The fruity ingredients, like blueberries, can be easily swapped with raspberries or blackberries, depending on your family’s preference. The recipe is super simple to prepare. It’s a perfect, kid-friendly activity for warm summer days.

With straightforward ingredients like agave nectar, fresh or frozen blueberries, sugar, frozen whipped topping, and a hint of lemon, these ice pops promise a creamy, dreamy escape. After a few hours in the freezer, you’re left with irresistible ice pops that are perfect for cooling down under the sun.

Closeup on a bowl of blueberries being used for frozen snacks.

Homemade Fruit Popsicles

Enjoy the sweet joy of summer camping with these homemade popsicles by Nature’s Nurture. These incredibly simple yet utterly delicious popsicles are the perfect retreat from the heat. You can also mix and match your favorite fruits and add honey, stevia, or any sweetener you want to make it your own.

Blend your ingredients until smooth, pour into popsicle molds and freeze. You can experiment with flavors and enjoy a satisfying, healthy experience with this easy, customizable recipe.

Frozen Chocolate-Covered Bananas

Pop these delicious frozen snacks into the freezer and have them ready to go after a hearty family meal around the campfire! Simply Recipes’ frozen chocolate-covered bananas are a treat that combines the sweet, creamy flavor of ripe bananas with the indulgent richness of a dark chocolate shell.

For an added twist, consider spreading a layer of peanut butter on the banana slices before dipping them in chocolate. Alternatively, embellish them with a variety of toppings like chopped peanuts, shredded coconut, sprinkles, or salt.

Mochi Ice Cream

Before you head out on your next camping trip, prep a batch of delightful mochi ice cream with this recipe by The Spruce Eats. This exquisite confection, a fusion of Japanese tradition and creamy indulgence, involves encasing ice cream—in this case, in a refreshing green tea flavor—within a sweet shell made from glutinous rice flour.

The outer mochi layer adds a unique sweetness and an irresistible chewy texture that complements the ice cream filling. While this recipe might have a few more steps than others we featured, the result is undoubtedly worth the effort. These mochi ice cream treats are great to prepare before setting off and easy to store in your RV’s freezer, so you’ll have a ready-to-eat dessert waiting at your campsite.

Raspberry-Buttermilk Ice Pops

Country Living’s raspberry-buttermilk ice pops are a great way to indulge in frozen snacks that are easy to prepare and incredibly satisfying during the summer’s peak. With just five ingredients—fresh raspberries, sour cream, buttermilk, honey, and a dash of fresh lemon juice—these sweet ice pops are simple without compromising on flavor.

Each pop contains natural fruitiness balanced by the tang of buttermilk and sour cream. After a brief stint in the freezer, these treats are ready to be enjoyed, offering a refreshing respite from the heat. Whether you’re lounging under the awning or need a quick cool-down after an adventurous day, these raspberry-buttermilk ice pops are a delight.

Raspberry ice pops with raspberries around them on wax paper.

Two-Ingredient Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream

If you thought our last recipe was too complex, you’ll love this two-ingredient peanut butter banana ice cream from Eating Well. Enjoy this guilt-free dessert, a perfect blend of simplicity and flavor for those warm summer evenings. Transform frozen bananas into a dairy-free “ice cream” without the cream. Peanut butter introduces a rich, nutty flavor that swirls perfectly with the sweet, frosty bananas. The process is straightforward: blend the frozen bananas and peanut butter in a food processor until smooth. Garnish with unsweetened shredded coconut for an extra touch of flavor and texture!

Smoothie Pops

Better Homes & Gardens’ smoothie pops recipe is a refreshing addition to your summer RV trips. Enjoy the rich flavors of frozen berries, cran-apple juice, banana, Greek yogurt and a hint of honey all in one delightful ice pop. Perfect for preparing ahead of your journey, these smoothie pops can be easily stored in your RV’s freezer, ensuring you have a cool, nutritious treat ready after a day of exploring the great outdoors.

Whether you’re hiking through forests, lounging by the lake, or gathering around the campfire, these frozen snacks offer a delicious way to cool down. And for those who love a bit of variety, there’s an orange version that’s just as easy to prepare. So that everyone in your camping crew can enjoy a taste of summer’s best flavors.

Jell-O Popsicles

This easy Jell-O popsicle recipe from Eating on a Dime is a hassle-free, mess-free solution to beat the heat with just two basic ingredients. Not only are these homemade popsicles delicious and parent-approved for their non-drip magic, but they’re also incredibly affordable. This makes them an ideal treat for camping on a budget. As the popsicles thaw, they revert to the soft, wiggly texture of Jell-O.

Pink and orange fruit smoothie popsicles. Strawberries visible in the background.

Of course, you can choose to make things a little more interesting with chopped fruit, layers of multiple Jell-O flavors for festive occasions like the 4th of July, or even adapt to dietary needs by opting for sugar-free Jell-O. This easy, budget-friendly recipe not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also turns the process of making popsicles into a fun, customizable activity that everyone can get excited about.

Whether you’re lounging by a lakeside, nestled in the mountains, or enjoying a beachfront breeze, these frozen snacks are sure to bring smiles and a cool respite from the summer heat. Round up your ingredients, clear out your RV’s freezer, and get ready for a season filled with adventure and flavor.

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